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ToF-SIMS: Materials Analysis by Mass Spectrometry 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-906715-18-2

Chapter 1. Prologue: ToF-SIMS—An evolving mass spectrometry of materials

John C. Vickerman

Chapter 2. The history of Static SIMS—A personal perspective

Alfred Benninghoven

Chapter 3. Status of cascade theory

Herbert M. Urbassek

Chapter 4. Fundamentals of organic SIMS: insights from experiments and models

Arnaud Delcorte

Chapter 5. Molecular speciation analysis of inorganic compounds

Luc Van Vaeck

Chapter 6. Molecular dynamics simulations, the theoretical partner to dynamic cluster SIMS experiments

Barbara J. Garrison and Zbigniew Postawa

Chapter 7. Cationisation

Birgit Hagenhoff

Chapter 8. Laser post-ionisation—fundamentals

Andreas Wucher

Chapter 9. Time-of-flight mass analysers

Bruno W. Schueler

Chapter 10. Analysis beams used in ToF-SIMS

Rowland Hill

Chapter 11. Cluster and polyatomic primary ion beams

John S. Fletcher and Christopher Szakal

Chapter 12. Molecular depth profiling

Alex Shard, Ian Gilmore and Andreas Wucher

Chapter 13. Role of operating conditions in ToF-SIMS

Ian Gilmore

Chapter 14. Laser post-ionisation for elemental and molecular surface analysis

Nicholas P. Lockyer

Chapter 15. Sample handling for ToF-SIMS

Fraser Reich

Chapter 16. Qualitative interpretation of spectra

David Briggs and Ian W. Fletcher

Chapter 17. Multivariate analysis of SIMS spectra

Alex Henderson

Chapter 18. ToF-SIMS image analysis

Bonnie J. Tyler

Chapter 19. Characterisation of polymeric materials

Lu-Tao Weng and Chi-Ming Chan

Chapter 20. Functional modification of surfaces using self-assembled monolayers

Amy V. Walker

Chapter 21. Application of SIMS to study of biological systems

Alan M. Piwowar and Nicholas Winograd

Chapter 22. Medical and biological applications of cluster ToF-SIMS

David Touboul, Olivier Laprévote and Alain Brunelle

Chapter 23. Depth profiling of inorganic materials

Ewald Niehuis and Thomas Grehl

Chapter 24. Depth profiling in organic electronics

Ewald Niehuis

Chapter 25. Contamination monitoring and failure analysis

Arwa Ginwalla, Thomas F. Fister and Ian A. Mowat

Chapter 26. Photographic and digital graphic materials

Luc Van Vaeck, Yannick Vercammen, Jens Lenaerts, Roel De Mondt, Jaymes Van Luppen and Frank Vangaever

Chapter 27. Applications of ToF-SIMS in cosmochemistry

Thomas Stephan and Ian C. Lyon