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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference

ISBN: 978-1-906715-21-2

The last millennium: a brief history of science leading to current infrared technology

Peter H. Hindle

Two-dimensional mid infrared and near infrared correlation spectroscopy: a useful tool for study and quantification of heat denaturation and aggregation of whey protein isolates

Marie-France Laporte, Muriel Subirade and Paul Paquin

Comparison of two-dimensional correlation analysis and chemometrics in near infrared spectroscopy: protein and fat concentration-dependent spectral changes of milk

B. Czarnik-Matusewicz, K. Murayama, R. Tsenkova and Y. Ozaki

Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopic study of dipeptides in chloroform

Mitsuhiro Miyazawa and Masashi Sonoyama

Near infrared investigations of works of art

M. Bacci, A. Casini, F. Lotti, M. Picollo and S. Porcinai

A new approach to the method approval system in Codex Alimentarius: perspectives of near infrared spectroscopy for official methods

Mária Váradi, Ilona Boros, Sándor Turza and Judit Budai

Near infrared determination of the morphological structure of rye grass swards

D. Leconte, P. Dardenne, C. Clément and Ph. Lecomte

Dye crystal morphology identification and differentiation by near infrared spectroscopy

S. Agyare Yeboah and Mark J. Robbins

The effect of the moisture condition of bulk wood on transmitted output power from a semiconductor near infrared laser

Satoru Tsuchikawa, Yasutoshi Iwata and Shigeaki Tsutsumi

Near infrared time-resolved spectroscopy in scattering and biological media

I. Delfino, M. Lepore and P.L. Indovina

Protein secondary structure and near infrared spectroscopy

P. Robert, D. Renard, N. Mouhous and E. Dufour

Proficiency testing and certified reference material as a basis for standardisation of near infrared/near infrared transmittance methods

Judit Budai and Judit Fükò

Determination of the degree of gelatinisation of starch by near infrared spectroscopy

R. Nzabonimpa and P. Nicod

Temperature influence on the 1.2 µm band of water

Alessandro Del Bianco, Roman Beneš, Martina Trinkel, Franz Reininger and Markus Leitner

Time-resolved near infrared spectroscopy for spherical particles as a discontinuous body with isotropic fine structure

Satoru Tsuchikawa and Shigeaki Tsutsumi

Time-resolved near infrared spectroscopy for wood as a discontinuous body with anisotropic cellular structure

Satoru Tsuchikawa, Chieko Nishimura and Shigeaki Tsutsumi

The qualification and validation of near infrared spectrometry systems: issues and practical approaches

Christopher Burgess

Determination of water in ethanol by near infrared spectrometry

Celio Pasquini, Henrique Eduardo Bezerra da Silva and Renato Guchardi

A portable dual-wavelength multichannel oximeter based on time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy

Rinaldo Cubeddu, Antonio Pifferi, Paola Taroni, Alessandro Torricelli and Gianluca Valentini

Diode array near infrared instrument to analyse fresh forages on a harvest machine

Pierre Dardenne and Noël Féménias

High performance of a low-cost visible near infrared spectrophotometer

Marc Meurens and Emmanuelle Moons

Development and use of an “at-line” near infrared instrument to evaluate robustness of melon brix calibrations

K.B. Walsh, C.V. Greensill and J.A. Guthrie

Reflectance versus interactance reflectance near infrared analysis of homogenised and intact ewe cheese

Nieves Núñez-Sánchez, Ana Garrido-Varo, Juan M. Serradilla-Manrique and José L. Ares-Cea

Comparing dry extract spectroscopy by infrared reflection with direct measurements on liquid foods

T. Isaksson, L.E. Jorgenvag and V.H. Segtnan

Non-destructive optical characterisation of fruits with time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy

Rinaldo Cubeddu, Antonio Pifferi, Paola Taroni, Alessandro Torricelli, Gianluca Valentini, Margarita Ruiz-Altisent, Constantino Valero and Coral Ortiz

Evolution of grey standards—glistering standards for monitoring spectrometer performance

Anthony M.C. Davies

Mass-producible near near infrared spectroscopy detector system for water, sludge and ice on the road

Thomas W. Huth-Fehre, Frank Kowol and Holger Freitag

Near infrared imaging: new hardware opens new opportunities

V. Bellon-Maurel, V. Steinmetz, C. Guizard and L. Flores Porras

The new brilliant infrared synchrotron radiation source at the DAΦNE storage ring in Frascati

E. Burattini, G. Cinque and F. Monti

Instrumentation considerations for robust near infrared applications

David B. Funk

Collaborative development of near infrared calibrations for quality testing of wheat and barley breeding material: 1. Optical matching of instruments

Brian G. Osborne, Zarishteh Kotwal, Ian J. Wesley, Graham B. Crosbie, Allen Tarr, Stefan Harasymow, Pierre Dardenne and John S. Shenk

Near infrared diode laser spectroscopy of organic compounds in turbid aqueous solutions

F. Schael, O. Reich and H.-G. Löhmannsröben

Feasibility study of hand-held, light-emitting diode-based, short-wave near infrared transmittance whole grain analyser

M. Känsäkoski, J. Malinen, J. Tenhunen and H. Prüfer

The effect of ISI standardisation on the performance of Infratec instruments

Ian A. Cowe, John S. Shenk and Mark O. Westerhaus

A portable near infrared-based turquoise analyser

Donald A Burns

LOCAL: a unifying theory and concept for near infrared analysis

John S. Shenk, Paolo Berzaghi and Mark O. Westerhaus

Curve fitting applied to near infrared deconvolution of wheat functional proteins in flour

Ian J. Wesley, Brian G. Osborne, Robert S. Anderssen and John H. Skerritt

Calibration transfer—a question of your needs

J.-P. Conzen, T. Stadelmann, A. Schmidt, H. Weiler, T. Droz-Georget and A. Zillan

Improving sugar content prediction in fruits by applying genetic algorithms to near infrared spectra

J.M. Roger, V. Bellon-Maurel and M. Crochon

Development of global near infrared transmission calibrations for moisture and protein in cereals using artificial neural networks and very large data sets

Nils Bo Büchmann

Collaborative development of near infrared calibrations for quality testing of wheat and barley breeding material: 2. The use of indicator variables to correct for interlaboratory biases in reference data

Brian G. Osborne and Ian J. Wesley

Choosing the scan number and wavelength range for routine analysis of plant tissues

G.D. Batten, S. Ciavarella and A.B. Blakeney

Modified jack-knifing in multivariate regression for variable selection

Frank Westad, Michael Byström and Harald Martens

Advantages and disadvantages of multiple linear regression and partial least squares regression equations for the prediction of fatty acids

J. García-Olmo, A. Garrido-Varo and E. De Pedro

Wavelength range optimisation using the Polar Qualification System

Karoly J. Kaffka and Zsolt Seregély

Optimising multivariate calibration by robustness criteria

Vincent A.L. Wortel, W.G. Hansen and S.C.C. Wiedemann

Application of the parallel factor analysis to visible near infrared data for the control of the malting process

Nathalie Allosio-Ouarnier, Patrick Boivin, Philippe Courcoux and Dominique Bertrand

Quality control system in a routine laboratory using near infrared spectroscopy

H.W. Vedder and R.G.M. Kroes

Comparison of calibrations based on partial least squares and multiple linear regression for near infrared prediction of composition and functionality in grains

Phil Williams

Application of the simulated annealing method for the assessment of the time evolution of samples by near infrared spectroscopy

Dominique Bertrand, Nathalie Allosio-Ouarnier, Patrick Boivin and El Mostafa Qannari

Spectral amplification in multivariate calibration of near infrared spectrophotometer

Marc Meurens

Tolerance of near infrared calibrations to temperature variations; a practical evaluation

W.G. Hansen, S.C.C. Wiedemann, M. Snieder and V.A.L. Wortel

Evaluation of reconstruction algorithm efficiency by using image quality parameters

R. Esposito, P.L. Indovina, A. Lauria and M. Lepore

Wavelength selection for partial least squares-based visible–near infrared evaluation of soluble solids content in fresh fruits

Paolo Carlini, Riccardo Massantini and Fabio Mencarelli

Wavelet transform for near infrared spectral data mining: single spectrum mastitis diagnosis

Roumiana Tsenkova, Yuji Fujita, Stefka Atanassova and Kiohiko Toyoda

Quality control and process monitoring by mid infrared, near infrared and Raman spectroscopy: a comparison

H.W. Siesler

Monitoring milk coagulation process by near infrared spectroscopy

Renata Lizzano, Stefania Barzaghi, Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo and Roberto Giangiacomo

Determination of rice milling ratio by visible/near infrared spectroscopy

Chang-Hyun Choi, Jae-Min Kim and Bong-Ki Min

Management of mixing process in preparation of solid media used for mushroom cultivation using near infrared spectroscopy

Takuo Yano, Ken-ichiro Suehara and Yasuhisa Nakano

The calibration of an on-line near infrared spectrometer for the quantitative in-process control measurement of the composition of foul and recovered organic solvents at a multi-purpose solvent recovery plant

Damien Boyd and Bernard Maguire

On-line near infrared analysis of meat composition in industrial scale ground meat batches

G. Tøgersen, B.N. Nilsen and K.I. Hildrum

On-line monitoring of crispbread moisture content by short-wave near infrared spectroscopy

A. Kemppainen, M. Känsäkoski and J. Malinen

On line near infrared analysis of whole salmon fillets

Bjørg Narum Nilsen, Bjørn-Helge Mevik, Kjell Ivar Hildrum and Tomas Isaksson

Preliminary study for the development of an algorithm for on-line analysis of the sugar content of intact fruits using near infrared spectroscopy

In-Geun Hwang and Sang-Ha Noh

Qualitative monitoring of bio-processes by using near infrared spectroscopy

Per Sivertsson, Anders Hagman, Rolf Eriksson and Mats Olofsson

On-line versus at-line analysis of carbohydrates in fruit juice

V.H. Segtnan and T. Isaksson

Determination of residual paper content in plastic waste for recycling processes by near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

D. Fischer and E. Pigorsch

Near infrared spectroscopy applied to paraffin hydroisomerisation process control: a feasibility study

Philippe Iwanski, Luciano Montanari, Giovanni Faraci and Roberto Giardino

A classical spectroscopic approach to food process control

Brian G. Osborne, Zarishteh Kotwal, Ian J. Wesley and Nigel Larsen

Near infrared sensing of a heterogeneous agricultural fluid product

Ze’ev Schmilovitch, Itzhak Shmulevich, Amos Notea and Ephraim Maltz

Determination of cholesterol, collagen, chondroitin sulphate A and phospholipids using Fourier transform near infrared reflectance spectroscopy with a right-angled light exit 400 µm thin fibre optic strand

Volker Neumeister, Werner Jaross and Gerald Steiner

Measurement of mycelial biomass in a submerged bioprocess using near infrared spectroscopy

Seetharaman Vaidyanathan, Graeme Macaloney and Brian McNeil

Simultaneous determination of the content uniformity of pharmaceutical tablets containing more than one active component by near infrared spectroscopy

Doris Schilling and Patrick Aebi

Determination of total concentration of alky polyglycosides in aqueous solution using near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

Jong-Yun Kim, Young-Ah Woo, Hyo-Jin Kim and Jong-Duk Kim

Rapid near infrared spectroscopic prediction of secondary metabolites in tea drugs and spice plants

H. Schulz, B. Steuer and H. Krüger

Estimation of mouldiness of paprika powder by near infrared spectroscopy

Gabriella Kiskó, Károly Kaffka and József Farkas

Screening of pectolytic microorganisms by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

G. Sinnaeve, A. Ciza, T. Deconinck, P. Dardenne, J. Destain and Ph. Thonart

An examination of dynamic and static near infrared measurements of pharmaceutical blends

Melissa Lowery, Jeri Ginsburg, Brad Flynn, Adrienne Baroff, Thomas Garcia and Brian MacDonald

Near infrared spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical quality control of raw materials

Susanne Brunner, Armin Groh and Manfred Fischer

Interfacing fast spectroscopy and molecular biology reveals mechanisms of light reactions in photosynthesis

Gianfelice Cinque, Roberta Crocea and Roberto Bassi

Quality control of liquid plant extracts in the phytopharmaceutical industry

C.W. Huck, R. Maurer and G.K. Bonn, M. Popp and N. Basener

Non-destructive analysis of β-carotene and vitamin E in pumpkin

Jin Tongming, Liu Ling, Zhou Xiangyang and Wan Duojia

Fast determination of minor components in rosemary leaves by near infrared spectroscopy

B. Steuer, H. Schulz and H. Krüger

Evaluation of water pollution by near infrared spectroscopy

Hitoshi Takamura, Hiroko Miyamoto, Mika Imatani and Teruyoshi Matoba

Speciation of raw homogenised meats by visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

John McElhinney, Gerard Downey and Tom Fearn

Discrimination of geographical origin, cultivation years and evaluation of medicinal components in ginseng using near infrared spectroscopy

Rae-Kwang Cho, Jin-Hwan Hong, Lin-Guo Lin and Young-Kil Kwon

Classification of cultivation years of ginseng using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Young-Ah Woo, Soo-Hyun Chang, Hyo-Jin Kim and Junghwan Cho

Lamb muscle identification by near infrared spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino, I. Murray, J.R. Scaife and R. Paterson

Feed authentication by near infrared microscopy

F. Piraux and P. Dardenne

Investigation of near infrared characteristics of spring barley varieties

Zsolt Seregély

Application of a Polar Qualification System in the near infrared identification and qualification of raw pharmaceutical excipients

Weng L. Yoon, Nigel C. North, Roger D. Jee and Anthony C Moffat

Identification of the geographical origin of sesame seeds by near infrared spectroscopy

Young-Kil Kwon and Rae-Kwang Cho

Classification of forage sorghum by application of principal component analysis on near infrared spectroscopic data of sorghum silage

Ryoei Kobayashi and Shigemitsu Kasuga

Estimating the uptake of nitrogen by rice crops using near infrared reflectance analysis of soil

Brian Dunn, Geoff Beecher, Graeme Batten and Anthony Blakeney

Near infrared spectroscopy for prediction of N-mineralisation in arable soils

Thomas Börjesson, Bo Stenberg and Anders Jonsson

Soil analysis by near infrared spectroscopy: examination of methods to solve non-linearity in regression

Yoshisato Ootake, Masayuki Hioki, Hiroyuki Tamaru, Tsuyoshi Sato, Akihiro Miyoshi and Toshihiko Yoshikawa

Feasibility of analysing archived Canadian prairie agricultural soils by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Diane F. Malley, P.D. Martin, L.M. McClintock, Laila Yesmin, R.G. Eilers and P. Haluschak

The potential of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy as a tool for spatial mapping of soil composition for use in precision agriculture

J.B. Reeves, III and G.W. McCarty

Development of a soil analyser using near infrared spectroscopy

Kwan Shig Ryu, Bok Jin Kim, Woo Churl Park and Rae Kwang Cho

Utilisation of near infrared spectroscopy for determination of the nitrogen content in beet leaves

E. Dosi, E. Tamburini, S. Tosi, R. Casoni, D. Lunghi and G. Vaccari

Near infrared spectroscopy measurement of sugars and fructans in oaten hay

P.C. Flinn and A.B. Blakeney

Application of near infrared spectroscopy to measurement and control of moisture content during compost fermentation

Ken-ichiro Suehara, Yasuyuki Ohta, Yasuhisa Nakano and Takuo Yano

Non-destructive analysis for quality control of compost by near infrared spectroscopy

Jae-Jak Nam, Kwang-Youg Jung and Sang-Hak Lee

The potential use of near infrared spectroscopy for monitoring mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) compost quality during production

H.S.S. Sharma

Testing seeds protected with an insecticide by near infrared spectroscopy

Pierre Billen, Olivier Pigeon and Pierre Dardenne

Near infrared reflectance assessment of the degree of retting of flax stems

Douglas D. Archibald, Franklin E. Barton, II and Danny E. Akin

Alpine forage species analysed by near infrared and Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy for quality parameters

F. Fornasier, A. Tava, A. Ursino, M.C. Rosafio, R. Riscassi, I. Tradati, M.S. Allegri and M. Odoardi

Near infrared spectroscopy for measuring dry matter degradability of forages

Stefka Atanassova, Nana Iancheva, Nikolai Todorov, Dimitar Pavlov and Roumiana Tsenkova

Determination of feed quality for barley hay and silage by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

H. Hsu, G.W. Mathison, A. McNeil, C. Tsai, G. Recinos-Diaz, E. Okine, R.H. McKenzie and S. Wright

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for selecting high amylomaize lines in breeding programmes

Nicola Berardo, Federica Previtali and Marco Bertolini

Interactance–reflectance v. reflectance near infrared analysis of grains and ground animal feeds

Víctor M. Fernández-Cabanás and Ana Garrido-Varo

A comparison of near infrared spectroscopy with neutral detergent cellulase techniques to predict the in vivo digestibility of grass silages

Begoña De La Roza, Adela Martínez, Sagrario Modroño, Gonzalo Flores and Alejandro Argamentería

Non-destructive determination of humic acids in soils by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Xiaori Han, Sanghyun Seo, Woochurl Park and Raekwang Cho

The development and implementation of near infrared calibrations for predicting malting quality in barley

Sophia Roumeliotis, Susan J. Logue, Stephen P. Jefferies and Andrew R. Barr

Technological evaluation of groat percentage in oat (Avena sativa L.) genotypes by near infrared spectroscopic analysis

Rita Redaelli, Stefania Mascheroni and Nicola Berardo

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for quality evaluation of Triticum monococcum

M. Corbellini, M.G. Canevara, S. Empilli and F. Boccardi

A rapid way of evaluating barley grain for malting quality and as functional food

Primetta Faccioli, Andrea Cavallero, A. Michele Stanca, Flavio Fornasier and Miriam Odoardi

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy determination of the basic nutrient components in the rapeseed oil meal

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz

Measurement of moisture and protein content for single kernel rice by spectroscopy

Chang-Hyun Choi and Jae-Min Kim

Analysis of phosphorus, sulphur and growth stage in wheat shoots

V.B. McGrath, A.B.Blakeney and G.D. Batten

The use of the InfraAlyzer 260 Whole Grain in the oil industry

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz

Prediction of malt quality on whole grain and ground malt using near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

Jesper Pram Nielsen and Lars Munck

Rapid assessment of pulpwood quality using near infrared spectroscopy

L.R. Schimleck, A.J. Michell, C.A. Raymond and A. Muneri

Monitoring blood urea nitrogen through near infrared spectra of urine in dairy cows

Agung Purnomoadi, T. Nomachi, K. Higuchi, O. Enishi and F. Terada

Interrelation between composition and near infrared spectra of milk, blood plasma and rumen juice of lactating cows

Roumiana Tsenkova, Stefka Atanassova, Masahiro Amari, Takeshi Hayashi, Fuminori Terada and Kiohiko Toyoda

Near infrared spectroscopy for cow milk composition analysis: the influence of mastitis

Roumiana Tsenkova, Stefka Atanassova, Yukihiro Ozaki, Kazuhiko Itoh and Kiohiko Toyoda

The correlation of near infrared spectra to potential in situ and in vitro digestibility of grass silage

M. Hellämäki, M. Rinne, P. Huhtanen and J. Nousiainen

Recent developments in improving the prediction of digestibility of feed grains

P.C. Flinn, P.G. Heazlewood and S.L. Dalton

Prediction of chemical composition of unground forage by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Masahiro Amari and Yuji Kaji

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to determine nitrogen-fractions of barley green feed and silage as affected by nitrogen fertility

Hua Hsu, Al MCNeil, Chii-Guary Tsai, Guillermo Recinos-Diaz, Ross H. McKenzie, Scott Wright and Doug Keyes

Nutritive value in whole plant maize forage: development of a predictive model by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Nicola Berardo, Marco Bertolini and Mario Motto

Near infrared analysis of forage quality in tropical legumes from Zimbabwe

M. Odoardi, J.J. Baloyi, L. Hove, J. Mupangwa, P. Corsi and N. Berardo

Mapping the palatability of Eucalyptus forests for leaf-eating marsupials using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

W.J. Foley, I.R. Lawler, B.D. Moore and A.M. McIlwee

The use of near infrared spectroscopy to predict digestible amino acid contents of animal and vegetable protein sources for poultry nutrition

J.C. Bodin and P.A. Geraert

Determination of internal apple quality by non-destructive visible and near infrared spectroscopy

E. Moons and P. Dardenne

Development of calibration equation for firmness and determination of cell wall components in apple fruits using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Mi-Ryeong Sohn and Rae-Kwang Cho

Non-destructive determination of free acid and malic acid content in apples using near infrared spectroscopy

Mi-Ryeong Sohn and Rae-Kwang Cho

Quantitation of lamb content in mixtures with raw minced beef using visible, near and mid infrared spectroscopy

J. McElhinney, G. Downey and C. O’Donnell

The influence of sample temperature on the determination of moisture and fat content in beef longissimus by near infrared spectroscopy

Mitsuru Mitsumoto, Shinobu Ozawa and Tadayoshi Mitsuhashi

Prediction of beef quality attributes from early post mortem near infrared reflectance spectra

R. Rødbotten, B.N. Nilsen and K.I. Hildrum

Analysis of nutritional components in cereal foods with near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Sandra E. Kays, Franklin E. Barton, II and William R. Windham

Determining non-destructive quality of fat and low-fat European-style cheese by near infrared spectroscopy

Diana De Santis, Paolo Carlini and Riccardo Massantini

Comparison of near infrared measuring techniques for cheese analyses

Lambert K. Sorensen and Lena K. Snor

Using near infrared spectroscopy to assess dough development during mixing

Samuel J. Millar, Juan M. Alava and Susan E. Salmon

Collaborative development of near infrared calibrations for quality testing of wheat and barley breeding material: 3. Ultra-rapid quality testing of wheat, flour and dough using near infrared diode array spectrometry

Brian G. Osborne, Peter Burridge, Geof Palmer, Gil Hollamby, John A. Ronalds, Ian J. Wesley and Alexandra Laucke

Challenges and opportunities in the use of near infrared for the analysis of intact, high moisture plant products

Stanley J. Kays, Gerald G. Dull and Richard G. Leffler

Rapid, non-destructive quality assessment of fresh produce

Christopher N.G. Scotter

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for the assessment of meat tenderness

Kjell Ivar Hildrum and Bjørg Narum Nilsen

Non-destructive estimation of soluble solids in intact melons by non-contact mode with a fibre optic probe

Hidekazu Ito, Katsunari Ippoushi, Keiko Azuma and Hisao Higashio

Non-destructive determination of soluble solids and flesh firmness in nectarines by near infrared spectroscopy

Guglielmo Costa, Massimo Noferini, Carlo Andreotti and Francesco Mazzotti

The feasibility of near infrared spectroscopy for olive oil quality control

A. Garrido-Varo, C. Cobo, J. García-Olmo, M.T. Sánchez-Pineda, R. Alcalá, J.M. Horcas and A. Jiménez

Examining the components of ground paprika

Sándor Turza, Mária Váradi and Árpád I. Tóth

Prediction of potato sensory properties by near infrared spectroscopy

Gaëtan Van de Laer, Pierre Dardenne, Richard Agneessens and Jean-Louis Rolot

Rapid determination of main components in rabbit’s milk by near infrared spectroscopy

Juan J. Pascual, Rafael L. Althaus, Pilar Molina and Concha Cervera

Diode-array near infrared analysis of whole and filleted salmon

Christel Solberg

Use of near infrared spectroscopy in quality control of Korean brewed soy sauce

Kyong-Kun Choi, Sung-Hie Hong and Seung-Shi Ham

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for rapid estimation of sugar cane juice quality components

Paulo A. Costa Filho and Ronei J. Poppi

Benefits and analysis of near infrared spectroscopic applications in sugarcane

J.E. Larrahondo, F. Palau, A. Navarrete and C. Ramírez

Application of near infrared spectroscopy for quality evaluation of vegetables in China

Jin Tongming, Liu Ling, Chen Hang, Zhou Xiangyang and Wan Duojia

Quality evaluation of vinegar using near infrared spectroscopy

Rae-Kwang Cho, Young-Kil Kwon and Jae-Ho Ha

Application of near infrared spectroscopy for quality assessment of grapes, wine and spirits

M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, A. Kambouris, M. Kwiatkowski, W.U. Cynkar, P.B. Høj and I.L. Francis