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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference

ISBN: 978-1-906715-22-9

Theory and principles of near infrared spectroscopy

Franklin E. Barton, II

Sources of non-linearity in near infrared spectra of scattering samples

Donald J. Dahm

Sample presentations for near infrared analysis of intact fruits, single grains, vegetable juice, milk and other agricultural products

Sumio Kawano

Choosing a near infrared instrument and a sample presentation option for plant and soil analysis

Graeme Batten, Anthony Blakeney, Susan Ciavarella, David Lamb and Sarah Spackman

Standardisation of near infrared instruments, influence of the calibration methods and the size of the cloning set

Pierre Dardenne, Ian A. Cowe, Paolo Berzaghi, Peter C. Flinn, Martin Lagerholm, John S. Shenk and Mark O. Westerhaus

The idea behind comparison analysis using restructured near infrared and constituent data (CARNAC)

Anthony M.C. Davies

Near infrared spectroscopy—a tool for the evaluation of milling procedures

Szilveszter Gergely, Lidia Handzel, Andrea Zoltán and András Salgó

Standardisation of near infrared spectra across miniature photodiode array-based spectrometers in the near infrared assessment of citrus soluble solids content

C.V. Greensill and K.B. Walsh

A new method for mapping the visible-near infrared light levels in fruit

D.G. Fraser, R.B. Jordan, R. Künnemeyer and V.A. McGlone

The effect of particle size on the determinability of maize composition in reflection mode

Sándor Turza and Mária Váradi

Transfer of calibration between on-farm whole grain analysers

Phillip J. Clancy

Qualification of volatile oils using near infrared spectroscopy and electronic nose

Gabriella Kiskó and Zsolt Seregély

Disease diagnosed and described by near infrared spectroscopy

Roumiana N. Tsenkova

Advantages of using artificial neural networks techniques for agricultural data

N.B. Büchmann and I.A. Cowe

Near infrared spectroscopy for evaluation of apples using the K-mean algorithm

Masahiro Muramatsu, Yoshiyasu Takefuji and Sumio Kawano

Application of Benfor’s equations to the problem of “seeing through layers”

Georgi P. Krivoshiev, Raina P. Chalucova and Donald J. Dahm

Spectroscopic and chemometric analysis of short-wave near infrared spectra of sugars and fruits

Mirta Golic, Kerry Walsh and Peter Lawson

Derivatives—a systematic approach to removing variability before applying chemometrics

David W. Hopkins

A new regularised discriminant analysis; principal discriminant variate method for handling multicollinear data

Jian-Hui Jiang, Roumiana Tsenkova, Ru-Qin Yu and Yukihiro Ozaki

Comparison of linear and non-linear near infrared calibration methods using large forage databases

Paolo Berzaghi, Peter C. Flinn, Pierre Dardenne, Martin Lagerholm, John S. Shenk, Mark O. Westerhaus and Ian A. Cowe

Calibration transfer from reflectance to interactance–reflectance mode: use of mathematical pretreatments

Víctor M. Fernández-Cabanás, Ana Garrido-Varo and Pierre Dardenne

Understanding the “H” statistic during routine analysis of animal fats

Juan García-Olmo, Ana Garrido-Varo and Emiliano De Pedro

Mastitis diagnostics by near infrared spectra of cow’s milk, blood and urine using soft independent modelling of class analogy classification

Roumiana Tsenkova and Stefka Atanassova

Hand-held near infrared spectrometry: status, trends and futuristic concepts

W. Fred McClure

Thermometrical spectroscopy: temperature programming as a control variable to increase information content from near infrared spectroscopic measurements—characterisation of honey samples

Anthony M.C. Davies

Meat speciation using an hierarchical approach and logistic regression

Thorsteinn Arnalds, Tom Fearn and Gerard Downey

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy as an essential tool in food safety programmes: predicting ingredients in commercial compound feed

A. Garrido-Varo, M.D. Pérez-Marín, A. Gómez-Cabrera, J.E. Guerrero, F. De Paz and N. Delgado

Assessing and enhancing near infrared calibration robustness for soluble solids content in mandarin fruit

J.A. Guthrie and K.B. Walsh

Non-destructive near infrared spectrometers: development of portable fruit quality meters

Susumu Morimoto, Hitoshi Ishibashi, Toshihiro Takada, Yoshiharu Suzuki, Masayuki Kashu and Ryogo Yamauchi

Detection of soy, pea and wheat proteins in milk powder by near infrared spectroscopy

Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo, Adele Maraboli, Stefania Barzaghi and Roberto Giangiacomo

Measurement of the concentrations of raw material, soya oil and products, mannosyl erythritol lipid, in the fermentation process using near-infrared spectroscopy

Kazuhiro Nakamichi, Ken-ichiro Suehara, Yasuhisa Nakano, Koji Kakugawa, Masahiro Tamai and Takuo Yano

Detection of physiological processes in wheat using near infrared spectroscopy

Szilveszter Gergely, Éva Scholz and András Salgó

Near infrared analysis of liquid and dried ewe milk

Nieves Núñez-Sánchez, Ana Garrido-Varo, Juan M. Serradilla and José L. Ares

Characterisation and classification of waxes used in dairy technology by near infrared spectroscopy

Stefania Barzaghi, Claudia Giardina, Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo and Roberto Giangiacomo

Wine quality grading by near infrared spectroscopy

R.G. Dambergs, A. Kambouris, N. Schumacher, I.L. Francis, M.B. Esler and M. Gishen

Measurement of lipid content of compost in the fermentation process using near infrared spectroscopy

Ken-ichiro Suehara, Daisuke Masui, Yasuhisa Nakano and Takuo Yano

Prediction of physico–chemical and texture characteristics of beef by near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

Mamen Oliván, Begoña de la Roza, Mercedes Mocha and María Jesús Martínez

The application of Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy in the wine industry of South Africa

Anina van Zyl, Marena Manley and Erhard E.H. Wolf

Estimation of total sugar and reducing sugar in molasses using near infrared diffused reflectance spectroscopy

Ranjana Mehrotra, Alka Gupta, Jagdish Tewari and S.P. Varma

Quick determination of meat colour, metmyoglobin formation and lipid oxidation in beef, pork and chicken by visible and near infrared spectroscopy

Mitsuru Mitsumoto, Keisuke Sasaki, Hitoshi Murakami and Kyouhei Ozutsumi

Prediction of energy content in cereal food products by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Sandra E. Kays and Franklin E. Barton, II

Use of near infrared spectroscopy to predict oil content components and fatty acid composition in intact olive fruit

L. León-Moreno, A. Garrido-Varo and L. Rallo-Romero

Chemical and microbiological analysis of goat’s milk, cheese and whey by near infrared spectroscopy

M.D. Pérez-Marín, A. Garrido-Varo, J.M. Serradilla, N. Núñez, J.L. Ares and J. Sánchez

Preliminary study on near infrared spectra of retrograde starch

Yoko Terazawa, Takaaki Maekawa and Sumio Kawano

Near infrared spectroscopy applied to pasta filata cheese in relation to textural analysis

Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo, Adele Maraboli and Roberto Giangiacomo

Discrimination between virgin olive oils from Crete, the Peloponese and other Greek islands using near infrared transflectance spectroscopy

Gerard Downey and Stephen J. Flynn

Single kernel maize analysis by near infrared hyperspectral imaging

R.P. Cogdill, C.R. Hurburgh, Jr, T.C. Jensen and R.W. Jones

Effects of variety and region on near infrared reflectance spectroscopic analysis of quality parameters in red wine grapes

M.B. Esler, M. Gishen, I.L. Francis, R.G. Dambergs, A. Kambouris, W.U. Cynkar and D.R. Boehm

Near infrared determination of soluble solids in intact melons from a progeny by non-contact mode using a fibre-optic probe

Hidekazu Ito and Nobuko Fukino-Ito

Application of near infrared spectroscopy for nondestructive evaluation of protein content in ginseng

Guo-lin Lin, Mi-Ryeong Sohn, Eun-Ok Kim and Rae-Kwang Cho

Discrimination and quantitative analysis of watercore in apple fruit by near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

Eun-Ok Kim, Mi-Ryeong Sohn, Young-Kil Kwon, Gou-Lin Lin and Rae-Kwang Cho

Measurement of quality properties of honey by reflectance spectra

C.H. Choi, W.J. Yang, J.H. Sohn and J.H. Kim

Qualifying food flavours with near infrared spectroscopy and chemosensor-arrays (electronic nose)

Zsolt Seregély and Károly Kaffka

Near infrared technology for soil analysis with implications for precision agriculture

Bo Stenberg, Anders Jonsson and Thomas Börjesson

Estimation of clear wood properties by near infrared spectroscopy

Laurence R. Schimleck, Robert Evans, Jugo Ilic and A. Colin Matheson

Analysis of mixed feeds and their components using near infrared spectroscopy

Peter Tillmann, Hartmut Horst, Jürgen Danier, Peter Dieterle and Petra Philipps

Prediction of organic compositions in manure by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Masahiro Amari, Yasuyuki Fukumoto and Ryozo Takada

Prediction by near infrared spectroscopy of the content of white clover (Trifolium repens) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) in fresh or dry mixtures made up from pure botanical samples

Antonio Blanco, Daniel Alomar and Rita Fuchslocher

Optimising calibration to measure degradability parameters of alfalfa hays and dehydrated forages

Donato Andueza, Fernando Muñoz, Adela Martínez and Begoña de la Roza

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy as a tool to predict qualitative and quantitative meat and bone meal presence in compound feed

María Fernández, Adela Martínez, Sagrario Modroño and Begoña de la Roza

Near infrared reflectance analysis of molasses and fats used in compound feed

A. Garrido-Varo, M.D. Pérez-Marín, A. Gómez-Cabrera, J.E. Guerrero, F. De Paz and N. Delgado

Development of robust calibration for determining apple sweetness by near infrared spectroscopy

Mi-Ryeong Sohn, Young-Kil Kwon and Rae-Kwang Cho

Estimating soil properties using near infrared spectroscopy to assess amendments in intensive horticultural production

Francisco Peña, Natalia Gallardo, Carmen del Campillo, Ana Garrido-Varo, Víctor Fernández-Cabanás and Antonio Delgado

Development of a continuous, high-speed, single-kernel brown rice sorting machine based on rice protein content

Motoyasu Natsuga, Akitoshi Nakamura and Sumio Kawano

Authentication and classification of strawberry varieties by near infrared spectral analysis of their leaves

Mercedes G. López

Predicting malting quality in whole grain malt compared with whole grain barley by near infrared spectroscopy

Cassandra K. Black and Joseph F. Panozzo

Compositional analysis by near infrared diode array instrumentation on forage harvesters

Andreas Haeusler, Michael Rode and Christian Paul

Near infrared spectroscopic quality analysis of pre- and post-harvest sugarcane

Sarah E. Johnson and Nils Berding

Selection of wavelength region for partial least squares Brix calibration of mango using the multiple linear regression method

Sirinnapa Saranwong, Jinda Sornsrivichai and Sumio Kawano

Application of time-of-flight near infrared spectroscopy to Satsuma mandarin

Satoru Tsuchikawa, Satomi Ito, Kinuyo Inoue and Kumi Miyamoto

Application of time-of-flight near infrared spectroscopy to apples

Satoru Tsuchikawa, Takahiro Hamada, Kinuyo Inoue and Rae-Kwang Cho

Measurement of metabolic parameters in lactating dairy cows by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy analysis using cattle faecal samples

Begoña de la Roza, Adela Martínez, Sagrario Modroño and Alejandro Argamentería

Nondestructive germinability assessment of radish seeds by near infrared spectroscopy

T.G. Min, W.S. Kang and K.S. Ryu

Mathematical pretreatments of spectra—useful tools for reducing instrument differences

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz, Ana Garrido-Varo, Juan Garcia-Olmo and Maria Dolores Perez-Marin

2- and 3-way analysis of near infrared scans from seed crossings

Torbjörn A. Lestander, Paul Geladiand Per Christer Odén

Emerging possibilities for near infrared spectroscopy to contribute to environmental analysis

D.F. Malley

Evaluation of rapid determination of phosphorous in soils by near infrared spectroscopy

Kwan Shig Ryu, Jin Sook Park and Bok Jin Kim

Evaluation of drainage by near infrared spectroscopy

Hitoshi Takamura, Hiroko Miyamoto, Yoshikuni Mori and Teruyoshi Matoba

Near infrared spectroscopy for measuring purine derivatives in urine and estimation of microbial nitrogen synthesis in the rumen for sheep

Stefka Atanassova, Nana Iancheva and Roumiana Tsenkova

Non-destructive and fast determination of N, P and K in compound fertiliser by near infrared spectroscopy

Xiangyang Zhou, Ling Liu, Duojia Wang and Tongming Jin

Application of time-of-flight near infrared spectroscopy to wood

Satoru Tsuchikawa and Shigeaki Tsutsumi

Evaluation of near infrared spectroscopy for assessing physical and chemical characteristics of linen weft yarn

L. Whiteside, K. Kernaghan and H.S.S. Sharma

Quantitative in-line measurements on papers

Angela Schmidt, Klaus Schorb, Renate Motsch and Ulli Nägele

Antioxidative activities of some dietary fibres determined by near infrared emission spectroscopy

Nobutaka Suzuki, Takeshi Nagai, Kazunari Tokunou, Hiroshi Kusanagi, Iwao Mizumoto, Hiroko Matsuya, Binkoh Yoda, Toshiaki Itami, Yukinori Takahashi, Tateo Nomoto and Akiya Kozawa

Application of in-line near infrared spectroscopy to the control of industrial fermentation processes

E. Tamburini, G. Vaccari, S. Tosi and A. Trilli

Selection of visible/near infrared wavelengths for characterising fecal and ingesta contamination of poultry carcasses

W.R. Windham, B. Park, K.C. Lawrence, R.J. Buhr and D.P. Smith

Imaging spectrometry for detecting feces and ingesta contamination on poultry carcasses

B. Park, W.R. Windham, K.C. Lawrence, R.J. Buhr and D.P. Smith

Preliminary study on the use of near infrared spectroscopy for determination of plasma deuterium oxide in dairy cows

Agung Purnomoadi, Itoko Nonaka, Koji Higuchi, Osamu Enishi, Masahiro Amari and Fuminori Terada

Discrimination analysis of gallstones by near infrared spectrometry using a soft independent modelling of class analogy

Sang Hak Lee, Bum Mok Son, Ju Eun Park, Sang Seob Choi and Jae Jak Nam

Near infrared analysis of Iberian pig fat: repeatability file effect

M.D. Pérez-Marín, E. De Pedro, J. García-Olmo and A. Garrido-Varo

Application study of chemometric near infrared spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical industry

Makoto Otsuka

Fast quantitative and qualitative analysis of pharmaceutical tablets by near infrared spectroscopy

Line Lundsberg-Nielsen, Charlotte Kornbo, Mette Bruhn and Marianne Dyrby

Advances in near infrared spetroscopy in phytochemistry

C.W. Huck

Quantification of an active ingredient in tablets using near infrared transmission measurements

Andreas Niemöller, Angela Schmidt, Helmut Weiler and Aaron Weis

Monitoring the effect of the “ultra-high pressure” preservation technology by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Karoly J. Kaffka, József Farkas, Zsolt Seregély and László Mészáros

Factors concerning development of electronic systems for grading grains and seeds in Canada

Phil Williams

Application of a multi-wavelength near infrared diode laser array for non-destructive food analysis

P. Butz, C. Merkel, R. Lindauer and B. Tauscher

Mature instrument, immature technology: is near infrared spectroscopic analysis of high-moisture materials a serious proposition?

Nils Berding