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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference

ISBN: 978-1-906715-23-6

Scattered information: philosophy and practice of near infrared spectroscopy

I. Murray

Progress in near infrared spectroscopy the people, the instrumentation, the applications

Franklin E. Barton, II

Calibration transfer in near infrared spectroscopy

P. Dardenne

A successful story of an Internet enabled NIR system

Ching-Hui Tseng, Nan Wang, Kangming Ma

Improvement of prediction speed and accuracy with internet enabled networking software

Robert Dzupin, Charles. R. Hurburgh and Sylvie. A. Roussel

Metrological control system for grain protein measuring instruments

Grahame Harvey, Brian Osborne and Ian Wesley

NIRS technology transfer: experience of a livestock farmers cooperative

L. Sánchez, J.A. Rísquez, F.J. López, E. Díaz, A. Gómez-Cabrera, E. De Pedro, J.E Guerrero, M.D. Pérez-Marín and A. Garrido-Varo

EuroSpec: an international spectroscopic data base accessible for the scientific community

Nathalie Estephan and Douglas N. Rutledge

Diversity in NIR instrumentation

Edward Stark and Karen Luchter

Visible/NIR imaging spectroscopy for assessing quality and safety of agrofoods

Yud-Ren Chen and Moon S. Kim

Rapid, easy-handling system for NIR compositional analysis of nonhomogenized milk using a test tube

S. Kawano, S. Saranwong and F. Terada

FT-NIR spectrometry and automated presentation for high-speed, at-line analysis of disintegrated sugarcane

Nils Berding, David Marston, W. Fred McClure, Maarten van Eerten and Brian Prescott

On combine protein and moisture analysis using a NIT analyser with a fibre-optic cable and remote sampling device

P.J. Clancy

Portable near infrared transmission analyser for qualification of grains and flour

Gábor Takács and Tibor Pokorny

Performance evaluation of standard and extended InGaAs detector array spectrometers

Hannu Lindström, Jouko Malinen and Ralf Marbach

Discrimination of noodle flours using a portable near infrared spectrometer

Masanori Kumagai, Naganori Ohisa, Toshio Amano and Nobuaki Ogawa

Possibilities of milk analysis on ZX 100C NIT Instrument

Lajos Vass and Katalin Kristóf

A PAT initiative upshot: on-line tablet content uniformity analysis using FT-NIR spectroscopy

A. Giehl, J.C. Richmond, S. Hammond and N. Broad

Integrated multichannel detector analysers at process control

M.T. Känsäkoski, A. Kemppainen, J. Suhonen, J. Malinen, J. Rantanen, J. Yliruusi, K. Luostarinen and P. Nauha

Monitoring the internal quality of potatoes by NIR transmission and reflection measurement

M.T. Känsäkoski, P. Suopajärvi, V. Heikkinen, R. Mitikka, R.P. Chalucova, G.P. Krivoshiev and H. Vasama

Development of a continuous high-speed single-kernel brown rice sorting machine based on rice protein content (Part 2)

M. Natsuga, K. Watanabe, A. Nakamura and S. Kawano

“Integrate-it-yourself” preamp and multiplexer on LTCC substrate, for PbS array

V. Moilanen, A. Kemppainen, M. Känsäkoski, J. Malinen and R. Marbach

On-line process and quality control by NIR sensor in food industry

Marc Meurens and Guy Lepoutre

An optical computed tomography by means of the absorption characteristics in 1.3 µm near-infrared region

Iwao Mizumoto, Sotoharu Odake, Shinro Mashiko and Nobutaka Suzuki

Some uses of black plastic 35mm film containers as sample cells

Anthony M.C. Davies

The wonderful world of visible-near infrared spectra: theory and practice

John S. Shenk

Kernel chemometrics: an introduction to support vector machines

R.P. Cogdill and P. Dardenne

Comparison of global and local equations for bias within a structured data set

Sam W. Coleman and Jim Halgerson

Optimal absorbance measured under constant detector noise and in the presence of stray light

T. Isaksson

Strategies to minimise matrix-related error with near infrared analysis of wine grape quality parameters

R.G. Dambergs, D. Cozzolino, W.U. Cynkar, M.B. Esler, L.J. Janik, I.L. Francis and M. Gishen

2D-IR-COSS as a tool in understanding milk rennet coagulation processes

C. Giardina, N. Sinelli, T.M.P. Cattaneo and R. Giangiacomo

A meta-analysis approach for evaluating the accuracy of NIR calibration equations for forages

J. Fuentes-Pila, C. Pérez Hugalde, S. Martínez, I. Ferrero, B. de la Roza, V. Jimeno

NIR determination of quality parameters in fresh alfalfa and dehydrated derived products

Fernando Gatius, Jaume Puy, Javier Ferran and Jaume Lloveras

Contribution to the methodology for principal components selection when developing NIR calibration models

Jesús Pérez Aparicio and Carmen Miranda Losa

Application and properties of O-PLS Method

T. Verron, R. Sabatier and R. Joffre

Influence of mathematical pretreatments on calibrations for ground and unground compound feedingstuffs

V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, A. Garrido-Varo, M.D. Pérez-Marín and P. Dardenne

Influence of mathematical pretreatments on Iberian pig fat calibrations affected by uncontrolled error sources

V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, A. Garrido-Varo, J. García Olmo, E. De Pedro and P. Dardenne

Application of normal probability plots and outer product analysis to infrared spectra of sugar beets

J. Maalouly, L.J. Eveleigh, P. Mery, D.N. Rutledge, C.J. Ducauze

NIR spectroscopy: optimisation of linear regression model to predict milk coagulation trends

C. Giardina, N. Estephan, T.M.P. Cattaneo, R. Giangiacomo and D.N. Rutledge

Qualitative analysis: is it time to use the quadratic correlation approach?

Anthony M.C. Davies

Evaluation of derivative ratio and polar qualification system for data analysis using transmittance data from pharmaceutical tablets

K.H. Norris, Zs. Seregély and K.J. Kaffka

Automated optimisation of NIR Calibrations

R. Bossart, H. Kellerhals, H. Keller and J. Oelichmann

Noise robustness comparison for merging large datasets

S.A. Roussel, C.R. Hurburgh, Jr and D.B. Funk

Spectral matching two different brands of NIR whole grain analysers

P.J. Clancy

Spectral standardisation methods and modelling techniques applied to a diverse population of forage samples

P. Dardenne, I.A. Cowe and M. Lagerholm

Calibration transfer between different instruments for determination of colour in red grapes

D. Cozzolino, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar, L. Janik, I.L. Francis, P.B. Høj

Calibration transfer applied for selected medicinal plants using the Shenk-Westerhaus algorithm

Hartwig Schulz and Sven Pfeffer

Remote transfer of alfalfa hay calibration models

S. Martínez, J.I. Ferrero, A. González, G. Montalvo, B. De la Roza, A. Martínez, V. Jimeno, G. Marinas, B. Matesanz and J. Fuentes-Pila

The potential of calibration transfer for quality control of undried maize silage

A. Martínez, S. Martínez, I. Ferrero, O. Fernández, S. Modroño, V. Jimenoc, A. Soldado, C. Pérez-Hugalde, J. Fuentes-Pila and B. De la Roza-Delgado

Stratfeed near infrared instrument network for detecting animal tissues in feedingstuffs

Ian Murray, Ma Dolores Pérez-Marín, Ana Garrido-Varo, José E. Guerrero, Alba Puigomenech, Pierre Dardenne, Vincent Baeten and Jos Zegers

Calibration transfer of fatty acids equations between NIR instruments located in different geographical sites

J. García-Olmo, A. Garrido-Varo, E. De Pedro, F. Muñoz, D. Andueza and A. Puigdomenech

Validating a network of near infrared spectroscopy instruments for mixed feed analysis

Anne-Marie Verlinden

NIR analysis of agricultural products in ring tests - experiences from the network of the VDLUFA

P. Tillmann

Seeing agricultural products through the NIR window

Phil Williams

Quality assessment of wheat and forage using diode array NIR instrument on the harvester

G. Sinnaeve, J.L. Herman, V. Baeten, Y. Sadaoui, M. Frankinet and P. Dardenne

Mushroom compost production, sampling and sample selection for development of NIR calibrations

H.S.S. Sharma

Analytical use of NIR diode array spectrometers on forage harvesters

Christian Paul and Christian Pfitzner

Evaluation of the visible spectrum to measure plant and soil characteristics

John S. Shenk

Determination of chemical and physical properties in arable soils in Uruguay by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino and A. Moron

Interpretation of the cause of the non-linearity problem seen in the NIR measurement of soil

Yoshisato Ootake

Ripening changes determination in kiwi using NIR technology and the influence of the temperature in the measurements

S. Arauri and C. Jaren

On-tree harvesting quality evaluation of mango fruit with a hand-held NIR instrument

S. Saranwong, J. Sornsrivichai and S. Kawano

Non-destructive evaluation of storage potential of clingstone peaches by NIRS using PCA and SIMCA

L. Myburgh, M. Manley, E. Joubert and E. Lotz

Non-destructive analysis of intact olive fruits by near infrared spectroscopy: prediction of fat yield and acidity

Juan M. González, Ma Dolores Pérez-Marín, Ana Garrido-Varo and José E. Guerrero

Development of robust calibrations to predict oil content and fatty acid composition in olive breeding programmes

L. León, A. Garrido-Varo and G. Downey

NIR assessment of soluble solids and dry matter content in a range of fruits and vegetables

K.B. Walsh, M. Golic and C.V. Greensill

Distinction of melon genotypes using NIR spectroscopy

T. Deák, Zs. Seregély, K.J. Kaffka, E. Bába, V. Zarka and Gy.D. Bisztray

Analysis of plant constituents using near infrared spectroscopy: intercorrelation effects

G.D. Batten, S. Ciavarella and A.B. Blakeney

Prediction of colour and pH in grapes using a diode array spectrophotometer (400–1100 nm)

D. Cozzolino, M.B. Esler, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar, D.R. Boehm, I.L. Francis and P.B. Høj

Determining the total protein and trypsin inhibitor content of dry beans in ground and whole kernels with NIR

Mária Váradi, Sándor Turza and György D. Bisztray

Factors influencing accuracy of NIR calibrations for the prediction of quality of Lithuania-grown rapeseed

B. Butkute

Non-destructive prediction of chemical composition in sunflower seeds by near infrared spectroscopy

A. Fassio and D. Cozzolino

Determining the amino acid content of dry beans in ground form using NIR reflection spectroscopy

Sándor Turza, Mária Váradi and György D. Bisztray

Determination of the viability of a grain of soybean using near infrared spectroscopy

Yayumi Fujita, Jiro Kohda, Ken-Ichiro Suehara, Yasuhisa Nakano and Takuo Yano

The use of NIR spectroscopy to predict husk content and percent skinnings in barley

Sophia Roumeliotis and Andrew R. Barr

Authentication of three coffee cultivars from Costa Rica by NIR: preliminary study

F. Davrieux, B. Bertrand, D. Bastianelli and B. Guyot

Determination of the content of six major biochemical compounds of green coffee using NIR

F. Davrieux, J.C. Manez, N. Durand and B. Guyot

The assessment of the mycological quality of dry food ingredients using near infrared spectroscopy

Zs. Seregély, K.J. Kaffka and Gabriella Kiskó

Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for the classification of fungal endophytes of grasses

A. García Ciudad, I. Zabalgogeazcoa, B.R. Vázquez de Aldana, M.M. Canedo and B. García Criado

Near infrared spectroscopic study of tobacco plants engineered with potato virus Y CP DNA

I. Rizov, M. Vlahova, I. Kamenova and A. Atanassov

On-line measurements in experimental fields with a diode array NIR instrument on a combine harvester

L. Tual, B. Mahaut and P. Michel

Dry matter assessment in maize grains by NIR diode array spectrometer on combine harvesters

Christian Pfitzner, Hartmut Meyer, Giso Zieger and Christian Paul

Rapid on-line non-destructive NIR measurement on alive and filleted Atlantic salmon

Christel Solberg

Detection of honey adulteration by added sugars using NIR transflectance spectroscopy. Some initial studies

Daniel Kelly, Vanessa Fouratier and Gerard Downey

Analysis of plant tissue test samples stored for up to 11 years

S. Ciavarella, A.B. Blakeney and G.D. Batten

Near infrared calibration of fatty acids for normal and high oil maize

P. Berzaghi, L. Serva, F. Gottardo, G. Cozzi and I. Andrighetto

The virtual cup-testers’ panel: near infrared transflectance spectra to forecast coffee quality

M. Petracco and G. Della Riccia

The use of visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict colour on pork muscle

D. Cozzolino, N. Barlocco, A. Vadell, F. Ballesteros and G. Gallietta

Importance of sample preparation of food samples for near infrared spectroscopy

T. Ziolko and E. Schaller

Comparison of NIR chemometric models to recognize the type of feeding of Iberian pigs

J. García-Olmo, A. Garrido-Varo and E. De Pedro

Determination of fatty acids in the subcutaneous fat of Iberian breed swine by NIR with a fibre-optic probe

I. González-Martín, N. Alvarez-García, C. González Pérez and J. Hernández-Méndez

Determination of proteins and infiltrated fat in Iberian pork loin by near infrared spectroscopy with a fibre-optic probe

I. González-Martín, N. Alvarez-García, C. González-Pérez, J. Hernández-Méndez and J.L. Hernández-Andaluz

Mineral analysis of fresh Iberian pork loin samples by NIRS with a remote fibre-optic reflectance probe

I. González-Martín, N. Alvarez-García, C. González Pérez and J. Hernández-Méndez

Pork meat mixes characterization through near infrared spectroscopy. Freezing / thawing effect on the models

V. Ortiz, F. España, A.J. Gaitán, E. De Pedro and J. Pérez

Assessing the ability of a FT-NIR pre-calibrated instrument for prediction of chemical composition in Iberian pig meat

P. Luna-Delgado, A. Ruz-Gómez, E. De Pedro and A. Garrido-Varo

Optimisation of the measurement of meat and meat products; valorisation of the databases

S. Corbisier, G. Sinnaeve, V. Baeten, M. Sindic, P. Dardenne and C. Deroanne

Utilization of NIR to predict the fat percentage on commercial sliced “salchichón”

Jesús Pérez Aparicio, Emiliano de Pedro Sanz, Juan García Olmo, Antonio Gónzalez Rodríguez, Carmen Miranda Losa and Fidelina España España

Detection of frauds of certified chicken cuts by NIR analysis

O. Fumière, A. Théwis and P. Dardenne

Classification of vinegar by raw materials using near infrared spectroscopy

M.J. Sáiz-Abajo, J.M. González-Sáiz and C. Pizarro

Characterisation of wine vinegar by near infrared spectroscopy

M.J. Sáiz-Abajo, J.M. González-Sáiz and C. Pizarro

Classification of three-year old, unblended South African brandy with near infrared spectroscopy

Marena Manley, Natasha de Bruyn and Gerard Downey

Quantitative and qualitative differentiations of alcoholic beverages by near infrared spectroscopy

Szilveszter Gergely, Krisztina Farkas, Andrea Forgács and András Salgó

Determination of several phenolic compounds in red wine by near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino, M. Kwiatkowski, M. Parker, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar and M. Herderich

The determination of nitrogenous compounds in beer by NIR

Ronald Eberl and Jürgen Wilke

Characterisation and classification of vegetable oils by combining near and mid infrared signals

Nathalie Estephan, Antonio Barros, Ivonne Delgadillo and Douglas N. Rutledge

Evaluation of oil deterioration by near infrared spectroscopy

H. Takamura, M. Omasa, M. Tamada, T. Yamashita, R. Nogami, H. Shiramasa and T. Matoba

Detection of cows’ milk in goats’ milk and cheese

N. Moreno, J.L. Ares and J.M. Serradilla

Comparison of methods of NIR analysis for goat milk: reflectance vs folded transmission

E. Vera, M.P. Agüera, J.L. Ares and J.M. Serradilla

Near infrared calibrations for αs1 casein content in goat milk

M.P. Agüera, B. Urrutia, A. Sánchez, J.L. Ares, L. Amigo and J.M. Serradilla

Rapid determination of vitamins A and C in fortified milk powders by NIR

S.E. Holroyd

Online analysis of dairy products with FT-NIR spectroscopy

A. Niemöller, D. Behmer, D. Marston and B. Prescott

Use of FT-NIR spectroscopy in classifying grated Grana Padano cheese: preliminary results

S. Barzaghi, K. Cremonesi, A. Perrone, G. Contarini, G. Ferrari and T.M.P. Cattaneo

Use of FT-NIR fibre optic probes in online monitoring early cheese-making phases

S. Barzaghi, C. Giardina, V. Pelizzola, P. Belloni, and T.M.P. Cattaneo

Evaluating thermal treatment of fresh egg pasta by near infrared spectroscopy

Stefano Zardetto and Paolo Miolo

Near infrared spectrometric analysis of egg products

H. Büning-Pfaue, K. Mielke and C. Wambold

Determination of honey quality components by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino, E. Corbella and G. Ramallo

Use of NIRS to measure quality defects in intact macadamia kernels

John Guthrie, Colin Greensill, Ray Bowden and Kerry Walsh

PQS detects adulteration of fishmeal with meat and bone meal—a contribution to help eradicate “Mad Cow Disease”

I. Murray, K.J. Kaffka and Zs. Seregély

NIRS for animal species identification in animal protein by-products: a viability study

M.J. de la Haba, A. Garrido-Varo, J.E. Guerrero, M.D. Pérez-Marín and T. Burón

NIR for animal species identification in rendered fats: a viability study

J. Bautista, A. Garrido-Varo, J.E. Guerrero, Mª D. Pérez-Marín and Tomás Burón

Application of FT-NIR microscopy for animal origin constituents in animal feed

D. Pavino, S. Andruetto and M.C. Abete

Preliminary results in the determination of meat and bone meal in feedingstuffs

S. Termes, R. Tauler and A. Puigdomènech

Analysis of the sediment fraction of feed by near-infrared microscopy (NIRM)

V. Baeten, A. Michotte Renier, G. Sinnaeve, A. Garrido Varo and P. Dardenne

Detection and quantification of mammalian meat and bone meal in compound feedingstuffs using NIR

Ma Dolores Pérez-Marín, Ana Garrido-Varo, José E. Guerrero, Ian Murray, Alba Puigdomenech, Pierre Dardenne, Vincent Baeten and Jos Zegers

Ad hoc labelling of compound feedingstuffs: the feed industry bets by near infrared spectroscopy

Ma Dolores Pérez-Marín, Ana Garrido-Varo, José E. Guerrero, J. Zegers, A. Swinkels, L. Moya and J. Lizaso

NIRS: a tool to predict ruminal degradability in feedstuffs

A. Soldado, B. de la Roza-Delgado, A. Martínez, S. Modroño, F. Vicente and A. Argamentería

Instantaneous quality control of foodstuffs by using NIR technology and a remote reflectance fibre-optic probe

I. González-Martín, N. Alvarez-García, C. González Pérez and J.L. Hernández Andaluz

An international ring trial to assess differences between laboratories in forage analysis

D.J. Undersander, I.A. Crowe, P. Dardenne, P.C. Flinn, C. Paul, P. Berzaghi, N.P. Martin and N.B. Büchmann

Determination of chemical composition of fresh corn plant by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

A. Fassio and D. Cozzolino

The prediction of in vitro digestibility of forages by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

S. Andrés, F.J. Giráldez, S. López, A. Calleja and A.R. Mantecón

Prediction of the D-value of grass silages with cellulase solubility and NIRS

L. Nyholm, M. Hellämäki, M. Rinne and J. Nousiainen

Nutritive quality of maize silage by near infrared spectroscopy

P. Castro, G. Flores, A. González-Arráez, J. Castro and L. Díaz-Villamil

Artificial rumen and NIR techniques to assess degradability kinetics of the major components of maize

Agneessens, S. Gofflot, V. Decruyenaere, P. Lecomte, G. Sinnaeve, D. Stilmant and P. Dardenne

Near infrared spectroscopy applied to faeces to predict botanical composition of sheep intake

V. Decruyenaere, M. Peters, D. Stilmant, P. Dardenne and A. Buldgen

Using of NIRS to estimate the leaf:stem ratio and different fractions of stem in a alfalfa crop

D. Andueza and F. Muñoz

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for evaluation of nutrient digestibility for genetic experiments in poultry

D. Bastianelli, N. Muley, B. Carré, L. Bonnal and F. Davrieux

Prediction of nitrogenous compounds in poultry excreta by near infrared spectroscopy

D. Bastianelli, F. Davrieux, D. Friot, C. Hervouet and M. Lessire

Fast and accurate prediction of the amino acids contents in maize seeds by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz

Forestry and the environment: challenges for near infrared spectroscopy

G.D. Batten

Carbon stored per unit area and moisture in a Canadian wetland determined by NIRS

D.F. Malley, C. McClure, P.D. Martin, G. Goldsborough and M. Sheppard

Estimating wood properties of green radial strips by near infrared spectroscopy

L.R. Schimleck, C. Mora and R.F. Daniels

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for compost characterisation

J.-F. Collard, R. Agneessens, D. Stilmant and P. Dardenne

Quantitative and qualitative NIRS analysis of acorns (Quercus, Sp)

E. De Pedro, J. García-Olmo, D. Muñoz and A. Ramos

Rapid NIR analysis of chemical and mechanical properties for Eucalyptus camaldulensis at plantation in Thailand

V. Punsuvon, A. Terdwongworakul, W. Thanapasec and S. Tsuchikawa

Estimation of heat treated wood properties by FT-NIR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis

Asta Leinonen, Ilpo Niskanen and Harri Huttunen

Investigation of light-irradiated wood with heat treatment by near infrared spectroscopy

S. Tsuchikawa, A. Murata, M. Kohara and K. Mitsui

Application of near infrared spectroscopy to light-irradiated wood

S. Tsuchikawa, K. Inoue and K. Mitsui

Comparison of wood property calibrations developed using whole-tree and increment core NIR spectra

L.R. Schimleck, G.D.S.P. Rezende and B.J. Demuner

Genetic improvement of pulp yield in Eucalyptus nitens using cellulose content determined by NIR

L.R. Schimleck, P.D. Kube and C.A. Raymond

On-line stiffness prediction of green Pinus radiata lumber using FT-NIR to aid saw pattern selection

D. Marston, R. Meder, A. Thumm, B. Prescott and A. Schmidt

Nondestructive evaluation of wood properties of plantation grown Pinus taeda by near infrared spectroscopy

L.R. Schimleck, G.F. Peter, R.F. Daniels and P.D. Jones

Sucrose content determination of sugar beet by NIR in an industrial context: network management and automation

Y. Roggo, L. Duponchel and J.-P. Huvenne

Non-destructive determination of chemical composition and classification of soils by near infrared spectroscopy

S. Atanassova, D. Pavlov, S. Eneva and M. Todorova

Evaluation of household drainage from food materials by near infrared spectroscopy

M. Omasa, H. Takamura and T. Matoba

Validation of NIR methods for pharmaceutical analyses

Anthony C. Moffat

Near infrared spectroscopy: High speed non-invasive qualification of lyophilized vials

L. Sukowski and M. Ulmschneider

The use of NIR to identify KROMASIL modifications and to quantify important quality parameters

H. Keller and B. Larsson

Evaluation of a near infrared procedure for qualification of a pharmaceutical preparation

S. Maspoch, M. Blanco, J. Coello, H. Iturriaga and N. Pou

PAT at work: the determination of a process critical control parameter in pharmaceutical manufacture by NIR

John C. Richmond

Quality control of finished pharmaceuticals by NIR-spectroscopy

Julia Petri, Astrid Kaunzinger, Andreas Niemöller, Frank Stieneker and Michael Karas

Near infrared microsampling in pharmaceutical quality control

C. Lühr and M. Glania

NIR: an invaluable tool for the quality control of Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

M. Manley, B.R. Gray, E. Joubert and H. Schulz

Determination of valuable alkaloids in poppy capsules by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Hartwig Schulz, Sven Pfeffer, Petra Straka and Thomas Nothnagel

Monitoring process and purity in the flavours and fragrance industry using NIR

Ronald L. Rubinovitz

Non-destructive prediction of quality parameters in chamomile flowers using near infrared spectroscopy

S. Pfeffer, H. Krüger, W. Schütze and H. Schulz

Reaction monitoring in a pharmaceutical process using near infrared closed-loop control

Neil Scrimgeour

NIR—special vista in observation of living systems

András Salgó and Szilveszter Gergely

Protein-water interaction monitored by analysis of near infrared spectra

Bogus¢awa Czarnik-Matusewicz, Koichi Murayama, Yuqing Wu and Yukihiro Ozaki

Detection of endangered species animal parts used in traditional Chinese medicine

Ci Wen Yang, Suming Chen, Chun-Chi Huang, Chang En Pu, Kuo Chuan Wu, Wen-Hsiung Ho, Kuang-Yu Hu and Paul J. Brimmer

Feasibility study for predicting progesterone levels in cattle plasma by near infrared spectroscopy

C. Pérez, I. Rodríguez, S. Corral, J. Dorado, M. Hidalgo, A. Garrido and M.D. Pérez

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy preliminary study on the N-oxidation of sparteine in man

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz and Krystyna Orzechowska-Juzwenko

A study of cerebral blood flow autoregulation in the extremely premature, very low birth weight baby

M. Munro, A. Bowring, L. Aucott, P. McCue and J. Hunter

Improving of NIR in-line fermentation monitoring: one calibration set for different processes

S. Tosi, E. Tamburini and G. Vaccari

Monitoring of the de-esterification and depolymerisation of pectins by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

G. Sinnaeve, A. Ciza, T. Deconinck, J. Destain, Ph. Thonart and P. Dardenne

Antioxidative activity of animal and vegetable dietary fibres

N. Suzuki, T. Nagai, I. Mizumoto, T. Itami, T. Nozawa, N. Katoa and B. Yoda

NIR for the study of human skin

Johann W. Wiechers, Marchel Snieder, Nico A.G. Dekker, Sophie C.C. Wiedemann and Wei G. Hansen

Development of a NIR project in the petroleum industry

Emilio Martínez, Sonia Huertas and Héctor R. Ménez

Topnir, the refining optimization Solution

Guillaume Rapin, Michel Sanchez and Didier Lambert

Discrimination of plastics based on the chemical structures using a portable near infrared spectrometer

Masanori Kumagai, Toshio Amano and Nobuaki Ogawa

Assessment of NIR in-line for monitoring and automatic management of crystallisation processes

E. Tamburini, S. Tosi and G. Vaccari

The use of NIR spectroscopy in the paper industry

Holger Lutz and Dagmar Behmer

Determination of very low unsaturation levels in oleochemicals by NIR

Marchel Snieder, Nico A.G. Dekker, Sophie C.C. Wiedemann and Wei G. Hansen

Performance of a near infrared spectrometer equipped with an autosampling accessory

Nathalie Szydlowski-Zanier, François Wahl and C. López García

NIR on-line analysis in a chemical distillation plant

U. Eschenauer, R. Eisenhut, R. Kaulbars and M. Augthun

Near infrared spectroscopy can detect proper condition of biodiesel fuel production

W. Iijima, Y. Ootake, Y. Kobayashi and K. Taniwaki

Analytical control of an esterification process by NIR spectroscopy

M. Blanco, R. Beneyto, M. Porcel and M. Castillo

Application of spectroscopy for assessing linen treated with a crease recovery agent

R.D. McCall and H.S.S. Sharma

Prediction of important sulphite pulp properties from NIR spectra

Heidi Cecilie Henriksen, Are Aastveit, Rune Rødbotten and Torgeir Hjerde

A preliminary assessment of flax fibre quality during mechanical processing using near infrared spectroscopy

G.J. Faughey and H.S.S. Sharma

Quantitative analysis of the mineral phases carnallite and kieserite in potassium salts by NIR

K. Wolf, I. Stahl and A. Seubert

The status of research on application of NIRS to prediction of Fusarium Head Blight (“Scab”) in terms of DON

Phil Williams

How many different spectra are there? Can we learn anything from consideration of this question?

Anthony M.C. Davies

The NIR camera: a new perspective for meat and bone meal detection in feedingstuffs

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