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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 11<sup>th</sup> International Conference

ISBN: 978-1-906715-23-6

NIRS technology transfer: experience of a livestock farmers cooperative

L. S&#x00E1;nchez, J.A. R&#x00ED;squez, F.J. L&#x00F3;pez, E. D&#x00ED;az, A. G&#x00F3;mez-Cabrera, E. De Pedro, J.E Guerrero, M.D. P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n and A. Garrido-Varo

FT-NIR spectrometry and automated presentation for high-speed, at-line analysis of disintegrated sugarcane

Nils Berding, David Marston, W. Fred McClure, Maarten van Eerten and Brian Prescott

Discrimination of noodle flours using a portable near infrared spectrometer

Masanori Kumagai, Naganori Ohisa, Toshio Amano and Nobuaki Ogawa

Integrated multichannel detector analysers at process control

M.T. K&#x00E4;ns&#x00E4;koski, A. Kemppainen, J. Suhonen, J. Malinen, J. Rantanen, J. Yliruusi, K. Luostarinen and P. Nauha

Monitoring the internal quality of potatoes by NIR transmission and reflection measurement

M.T. K&#x00E4;ns&#x00E4;koski, P. Suopaj&#x00E4;rvi, V. Heikkinen, R. Mitikka, R.P. Chalucova, G.P. Krivoshiev and H. Vasama

&#x201C;Integrate-it-yourself&#x201D; preamp and multiplexer on LTCC substrate, for PbS array

V. Moilanen, A. Kemppainen, M. K&#x00E4;ns&#x00E4;koski, J. Malinen and R. Marbach

Strategies to minimise matrix-related error with near infrared analysis of wine grape quality parameters

R.G. Dambergs, D. Cozzolino, W.U. Cynkar, M.B. Esler, L.J. Janik, I.L. Francis and M. Gishen

2D-IR-COSS as a tool in understanding milk rennet coagulation processes

C. Giardina, N. Sinelli, T.M.P. Cattaneo and R. Giangiacomo

A meta-analysis approach for evaluating the accuracy of NIR calibration equations for forages

J. Fuentes-Pila, C. P&#x00E9;rez Hugalde, S. Mart&#x00ED;nez, I. Ferrero, B. de la Roza, V. Jimeno

Influence of mathematical pretreatments on calibrations for ground and unground compound feedingstuffs

V.M. Fern&#x00E1;ndez-Caban&#x00E1;s, A. Garrido-Varo, M.D. P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n and P. Dardenne

Influence of mathematical pretreatments on Iberian pig fat calibrations affected by uncontrolled error sources

V.M. Fern&#x00E1;ndez-Caban&#x00E1;s, A. Garrido-Varo, J. Garc&#x00ED;a Olmo, E. De Pedro and P. Dardenne

NIR spectroscopy: optimisation of linear regression model to predict milk coagulation trends

C. Giardina, N. Estephan, T.M.P. Cattaneo, R. Giangiacomo and D.N. Rutledge

Automated optimisation of NIR Calibrations

R. Bossart, H. Kellerhals, H. Keller and J. Oelichmann

Calibration transfer between different instruments for determination of colour in red grapes

D. Cozzolino, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar, L. Janik, I.L. Francis, P.B. H&#x00F8;j

Remote transfer of alfalfa hay calibration models

S. Mart&#x00ED;nez, J.I. Ferrero, A. Gonz&#x00E1;lez, G. Montalvo, B. De la Roza, A. Mart&#x00ED;nez, V. Jimeno, G. Marinas, B. Matesanz and J. Fuentes-Pila

The potential of calibration transfer for quality control of undried maize silage

A. Mart&#x00ED;nez, S. Mart&#x00ED;nez, I. Ferrero, O. Fern&#x00E1;ndez, S. Modro&#x00F1;o, V. Jimenoc, A. Soldado, C. P&#x00E9;rez-Hugalde, J. Fuentes-Pila and B. De la Roza-Delgado

Stratfeed near infrared instrument network for detecting animal tissues in feedingstuffs

Ian Murray, Ma Dolores P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n, Ana Garrido-Varo, Jos&#x00E9; E. Guerrero, Alba Puigomenech, Pierre Dardenne, Vincent Baeten and Jos Zegers

Calibration transfer of fatty acids equations between NIR instruments located in different geographical sites

J. Garc&#x00ED;a-Olmo, A. Garrido-Varo, E. De Pedro, F. Mu&#x00F1;oz, D. Andueza and A. Puigdomenech

Quality assessment of wheat and forage using diode array NIR instrument on the harvester

G. Sinnaeve, J.L. Herman, V. Baeten, Y. Sadaoui, M. Frankinet and P. Dardenne

Non-destructive analysis of intact olive fruits by near infrared spectroscopy: prediction of fat yield and acidity

Juan M. Gonz&#x00E1;lez, Ma Dolores P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n, Ana Garrido-Varo and Jos&#x00E9; E. Guerrero

Distinction of melon genotypes using NIR spectroscopy

T. De&#x00E1;k, Zs. Sereg&#x00E9;ly, K.J. Kaffka, E. B&#x00E1;ba, V. Zarka and Gy.D. Bisztray

Prediction of colour and pH in grapes using a diode array spectrophotometer (400&#x2013;1100 nm)

D. Cozzolino, M.B. Esler, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar, D.R. Boehm, I.L. Francis and P.B. H&#x00F8;j

Determining the amino acid content of dry beans in ground form using NIR reflection spectroscopy

S&#x00E1;ndor Turza, M&#x00E1;ria V&#x00E1;radi and Gy&#x00F6;rgy D. Bisztray

Determination of the viability of a grain of soybean using near infrared spectroscopy

Yayumi Fujita, Jiro Kohda, Ken-Ichiro Suehara, Yasuhisa Nakano and Takuo Yano

Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for the classification of fungal endophytes of grasses

A. Garc&#x00ED;a Ciudad, I. Zabalgogeazcoa, B.R. V&#x00E1;zquez de Aldana, M.M. Canedo and B. Garc&#x00ED;a Criado

Near infrared calibration of fatty acids for normal and high oil maize

P. Berzaghi, L. Serva, F. Gottardo, G. Cozzi and I. Andrighetto

Determination of fatty acids in the subcutaneous fat of Iberian breed swine by NIR with a fibre-optic probe

I. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-Mart&#x00ED;n, N. Alvarez-Garc&#x00ED;a, C. Gonz&#x00E1;lez P&#x00E9;rez and J. Hern&#x00E1;ndez-M&#x00E9;ndez

Determination of proteins and infiltrated fat in Iberian pork loin by near infrared spectroscopy with a fibre-optic probe

I. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-Mart&#x00ED;n, N. Alvarez-Garc&#x00ED;a, C. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-P&#x00E9;rez, J. Hern&#x00E1;ndez-M&#x00E9;ndez and J.L. Hern&#x00E1;ndez-Andaluz

Mineral analysis of fresh Iberian pork loin samples by NIRS with a remote fibre-optic reflectance probe

I. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-Mart&#x00ED;n, N. Alvarez-Garc&#x00ED;a, C. Gonz&#x00E1;lez P&#x00E9;rez and J. Hern&#x00E1;ndez-M&#x00E9;ndez

Optimisation of the measurement of meat and meat products; valorisation of the databases

S. Corbisier, G. Sinnaeve, V. Baeten, M. Sindic, P. Dardenne and C. Deroanne

Utilization of NIR to predict the fat percentage on commercial sliced &#x201C;salchich&#x00F3;n&#x201D;

Jes&#x00FA;s P&#x00E9;rez Aparicio, Emiliano de Pedro Sanz, Juan Garc&#x00ED;a Olmo, Antonio G&#x00F3;nzalez Rodr&#x00ED;guez, Carmen Miranda Losa and Fidelina Espa&#x00F1;a Espa&#x00F1;a

Classification of vinegar by raw materials using near infrared spectroscopy

M.J. S&#x00E1;iz-Abajo, J.M. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-S&#x00E1;iz and C. Pizarro

Characterisation of wine vinegar by near infrared spectroscopy

M.J. S&#x00E1;iz-Abajo, J.M. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-S&#x00E1;iz and C. Pizarro

Quantitative and qualitative differentiations of alcoholic beverages by near infrared spectroscopy

Szilveszter Gergely, Krisztina Farkas, Andrea Forg&#x00E1;cs and Andr&#x00E1;s Salg&#x00F3;

Determination of several phenolic compounds in red wine by near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino, M. Kwiatkowski, M. Parker, M. Gishen, R.G. Dambergs, W.U. Cynkar and M. Herderich

Characterisation and classification of vegetable oils by combining near and mid infrared signals

Nathalie Estephan, Antonio Barros, Ivonne Delgadillo and Douglas N. Rutledge

Evaluation of oil deterioration by near infrared spectroscopy

H. Takamura, M. Omasa, M. Tamada, T. Yamashita, R. Nogami, H. Shiramasa and T. Matoba

Near infrared calibrations for &#x03B1;s1 casein content in goat milk

M.P. Ag&#x00FC;era, B. Urrutia, A. S&#x00E1;nchez, J.L. Ares, L. Amigo and J.M. Serradilla

Online analysis of dairy products with FT-NIR spectroscopy

A. Niem&#x00F6;ller, D. Behmer, D. Marston and B. Prescott

Use of FT-NIR spectroscopy in classifying grated Grana Padano cheese: preliminary results

S. Barzaghi, K. Cremonesi, A. Perrone, G. Contarini, G. Ferrari and T.M.P. Cattaneo

Use of FT-NIR fibre optic probes in online monitoring early cheese-making phases

S. Barzaghi, C. Giardina, V. Pelizzola, P. Belloni, and T.M.P. Cattaneo

Near infrared spectrometric analysis of egg products

H. B&#x00FC;ning-Pfaue, K. Mielke and C. Wambold

Use of NIRS to measure quality defects in intact macadamia kernels

John Guthrie, Colin Greensill, Ray Bowden and Kerry Walsh

NIRS for animal species identification in animal protein by-products: a viability study

M.J. de la Haba, A. Garrido-Varo, J.E. Guerrero, M.D. P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n and T. Bur&#x00F3;n

NIR for animal species identification in rendered fats: a viability study

J. Bautista, A. Garrido-Varo, J.E. Guerrero, M&#x00AA; D. P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n and Tom&#x00E1;s Bur&#x00F3;n

Analysis of the sediment fraction of feed by near-infrared microscopy (NIRM)

V. Baeten, A. Michotte Renier, G. Sinnaeve, A. Garrido Varo and P. Dardenne

Detection and quantification of mammalian meat and bone meal in compound feedingstuffs using NIR

Ma Dolores P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n, Ana Garrido-Varo, Jos&#x00E9; E. Guerrero, Ian Murray, Alba Puigdomenech, Pierre Dardenne, Vincent Baeten and Jos Zegers

Ad hoc labelling of compound feedingstuffs: the feed industry bets by near infrared spectroscopy

Ma Dolores P&#x00E9;rez-Mar&#x00ED;n, Ana Garrido-Varo, Jos&#x00E9; E. Guerrero, J. Zegers, A. Swinkels, L. Moya and J. Lizaso

NIRS: a tool to predict ruminal degradability in feedstuffs

A. Soldado, B. de la Roza-Delgado, A. Mart&#x00ED;nez, S. Modro&#x00F1;o, F. Vicente and A. Argamenter&#x00ED;a

Instantaneous quality control of foodstuffs by using NIR technology and a remote reflectance fibre-optic probe

I. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-Mart&#x00ED;n, N. Alvarez-Garc&#x00ED;a, C. Gonz&#x00E1;lez P&#x00E9;rez and J.L. Hern&#x00E1;ndez Andaluz

An international ring trial to assess differences between laboratories in forage analysis

D.J. Undersander, I.A. Crowe, P. Dardenne, P.C. Flinn, C. Paul, P. Berzaghi, N.P. Martin and N.B. B&#x00FC;chmann

The prediction of in vitro digestibility of forages by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

S. Andr&#x00E9;s, F.J. Gir&#x00E1;ldez, S. L&#x00F3;pez, A. Calleja and A.R. Mantec&#x00F3;n

Prediction of the D-value of grass silages with cellulase solubility and NIRS

L. Nyholm, M. Hell&#x00E4;m&#x00E4;ki, M. Rinne and J. Nousiainen

Nutritive quality of maize silage by near infrared spectroscopy

P. Castro, G. Flores, A. Gonz&#x00E1;lez-Arr&#x00E1;ez, J. Castro and L. D&#x00ED;az-Villamil

Artificial rumen and NIR techniques to assess degradability kinetics of the major components of maize

Agneessens, S. Gofflot, V. Decruyenaere, P. Lecomte, G. Sinnaeve, D. Stilmant and P. Dardenne

Carbon stored per unit area and moisture in a Canadian wetland determined by NIRS

D.F. Malley, C. McClure, P.D. Martin, G. Goldsborough and M. Sheppard

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for compost characterisation

J.-F. Collard, R. Agneessens, D. Stilmant and P. Dardenne

Quantitative and qualitative NIRS analysis of acorns (<i>Quercus</i>, Sp)

E. De Pedro, J. Garc&#x00ED;a-Olmo, D. Mu&#x00F1;oz and A. Ramos

Quality control of finished pharmaceuticals by NIR-spectroscopy

Julia Petri, Astrid Kaunzinger, Andreas Niem&#x00F6;ller, Frank Stieneker and Michael Karas

NIR&#x2014;special vista in observation of living systems

Andr&#x00E1;s Salg&#x00F3; and Szilveszter Gergely

Protein-water interaction monitored by analysis of near infrared spectra

Bogus¢awa Czarnik-Matusewicz, Koichi Murayama, Yuqing Wu and Yukihiro Ozaki

Detection of endangered species animal parts used in traditional Chinese medicine

Ci Wen Yang, Suming Chen, Chun-Chi Huang, Chang En Pu, Kuo Chuan Wu, Wen-Hsiung Ho, Kuang-Yu Hu and Paul J. Brimmer

Feasibility study for predicting progesterone levels in cattle plasma by near infrared spectroscopy

C. P&#x00E9;rez, I. Rodr&#x00ED;guez, S. Corral, J. Dorado, M. Hidalgo, A. Garrido and M.D. P&#x00E9;rez

Antioxidative activity of animal and vegetable dietary fibres

N. Suzuki, T. Nagai, I. Mizumoto, T. Itami, T. Nozawa, N. Katoa and B. Yoda

NIR for the study of human skin

Johann W. Wiechers, Marchel Snieder, Nico A.G. Dekker, Sophie C.C. Wiedemann and Wei G. Hansen

Development of a NIR project in the petroleum industry

Emilio Mart&#x00ED;nez, Sonia Huertas and H&#x00E9;ctor R. M&#x00E9;nez

Topnir, the refining optimization Solution

Guillaume Rapin, Michel Sanchez and Didier Lambert

Determination of very low unsaturation levels in oleochemicals by NIR

Marchel Snieder, Nico A.G. Dekker, Sophie C.C. Wiedemann and Wei G. Hansen

Performance of a near infrared spectrometer equipped with an autosampling accessory

Nathalie Szydlowski-Zanier, Fran&#x00E7;ois Wahl and C. L&#x00F3;pez Garc&#x00ED;a

NIR on-line analysis in a chemical distillation plant

U. Eschenauer, R. Eisenhut, R. Kaulbars and M. Augthun

Prediction of important sulphite pulp properties from NIR spectra

Heidi Cecilie Henriksen, Are Aastveit, Rune R&#x00F8;dbotten and Torgeir Hjerde

The NIR camera: a new perspective for meat and bone meal detection in feedingstuffs

A. Michotte Renier, V. Baeten, G. Sinnaeve, J. A. Fern&#x00E1;ndez Pierna and P. Dardenne

Screening viagra tablets with near infrared spectroscopy

Marjo J. Vredenbregt, Dennis Mooibroek, Dries de Kaste and Ronald Hoogerbrugge

Non-destructive NIR spectra measurement of dendrochronologically dated antique wood

Hitoshi Yonenobu, Satoru Tsuchikawa, Yoshizumi Haraguchi, Hirotaka Oda and Takeshi Nakagawa

Development of a NIR device for measuring varnish thickness on-line

Francisco Manero, Javier Anduaga, Kepa Mayora, Izaskun Garmendia, Pentti Niemel&#x00E4;, Eero Hietala and Jouni Tornberg