RamanFest 2019: Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy

  24 June 2019 to 25 June 2019
   Oxford, United Kingdom

RamanFest 2019 is the 7th International Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy, organised and sponsored by HORIBA Scientific. It will bring together the world-leading Raman experts and researchers to discuss how Raman spectroscopy is being applied to today’s problems and pioneering tomorrow’s capabilities. The Conference will be hosted by Prof. Wei E. Huang of the Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford, UK.  Topics will cover a broad spectrum of Raman applications across the major themes of Health and the Environment, Materials Analysis, and TERS Nanoscale Raman. A Gala Dinner will be held in Oxford Town Hall and a poster session will run throughout the Conference.