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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: The Future Waves

ISBN: 978-1-906715-20-5

Near infrared studies on molecular conformation of silk fibroin

Mitsuhiro Miyazawa, Walter S. Leal, Masashi Sonoyama and Hiromi Yamashita

Cameras for near infrared spectroscopy

Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Christophe Guizard, Jean-Louis Vigneau and Dominique Bertrand

Investigation of near infrared instrument performance during a clinical study of human sera

James R. Long, Marilyn R. Gatin, Paul W. Schmitt, Paul J. Galley and John F. Price

Chemometrics of multichannel imaging

Dominique Bertrand, Paul Robert, Bruno Novales and Marie-Françoise Devaux

Split-sample correlation of lab data sets upper limit on near infrared correlation

Terry Watkins, Joe Montalvo, Bryan Vinyard, Robert Grimball and Steve Buco

Calibration the ISI way

John S. Shenk and Mark O. Westerhaus

Control of fermentations by means of on-line near infrared spectrometry

E. Dosi, G. Vaccari, A. L. Campi, G. Mantovani, A. Gonzaléz-Vara y R. and A. Trilli

On-line near infrared optimisation of refining and petrochemical processes

Didier Lambert, Bernard Descales, Richard Llinas, Alain Espinosa, Sebastien Osta, Michel Sanchez and Andre Martens

On-line monitoring of enzymatic degradation of wheat starch by near infrared

Georges Sinnaeve, Pierre Dardenne, Béatrice Weirich and Richard Agneessens

Comparison of clinical studies: near infrared predictions of multiple analytes in human sera

Marilyn R. Gatin, James R. Long, Paul W. Schmitt, Paul J. Galley and John F. Price

Field test for post consumer package identification by near infrared spectroscopy combined with neural networks

R. Feldhoff, T. Huth-Fehre, T. Kantimm, F. Winter, K. Cammann, W. van den Broek, D. Wienke and H. Fuchs

Non-supervised neural categorisation of near infrared spectra

Paloma Cáceres-Alonso, Roberto Rodríguez-Galán and Alvaro García-Tejedor

Discrimination of durum wheat products for quality control

Dominique Bertrand, Bruno Novales, Marie-Françoise Devaux, Paul Robert and Joel Abecassis

Spectral reflectance of soils and crop residues

C.S.T. Daughtry, J.E. McMurtrey III, P.L. Nagler, M.S. Kim and E.W. Chappelle

NIR estimation of crop age

Graeme D. Batten and Anthony B. Blakeney

Fresh forage analysis by near infrared spectroscopy

Pierre Dardenne, Richard Agneessens and Georges Sinnaeve

Near infrared analysis of cheese-making properties of goat’s milk

C. Angulo, M. Analla, I. Jiménez, A. Muñoz, A. Moraga and J.M. Serradilla