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JSI Table of Contents Volume 5 (2016)

Hyperspectral photoluminescence imaging of defects in solar cells

  • Ingunn Burud
  • Torbjørn Mehl
  • Andreas Flo
  • Dominik Lausch
  • Espen Olsen

Weighted fuzzy clustering for (fuzzy) constraints in multivariate image analysis–alternating least square of hyperspectral images

  • Siewert Hugelier
  • Patrizia Firmani
  • Olivier Devos
  • Myriam Moreau
  • Christel Pierlot
  • Federico Marini
  • Cyril Ruckebusch

Vitamin C distribution in acerola fruit by near infrared hyperspectral imaging

  • Cristina Malegori
  • Silvia Grassi
  • Emanuel José Nascimento Marques
  • Sergio Tonetto de Freitas
  • Ernestina Casiraghi

Rapid identification of Salmonella serotypes through hyperspectral microscopy with different lighting sources

  • Matthew Eady
  • Bosoon Park

Rapid hyperspectral image classification to enable autonomous search systems

  • Raj Bridgelall
  • J. Bruce Rafert
  • D. Denver
  • B. Tolliver
  • EunSu Lee

Model-based co-clustering for hyperspectral images

  • Julien Jacques
  • Cyril Ruckebusch

Use of infrared hyperspectral imaging as an aid for paint identification

  • A. Polak
  • T. Kelman
  • P. Murray
  • S. Marshall
  • D. J.M. Stothard
  • N. Eastaugh
  • F. Eastaugh

Classification of different tomato seed cultivars by multispectral visible-near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

  • Santosh Shrestha
  • Lise Christina Deleuran
  • René Gislum