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JSI Table of Contents Volume 7 (2018)

Quantification of leghaemoglobin content in pea nodules based on near infrared hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy and chemometrics

Near infrared hyperspectral images and pattern recognition techniques used to identify etiological agents of cotton anthracnose and ramulosis

Semi-supervised learning of hyperspectral image segmentation applied to vine tomatoes and table grapes

Unsupervised classification of individual foodborne bacteria from a mixture of bacteria cultures within a hyperspectral microscope image

Concentration monitoring with near infrared chemical imaging in a tableting press

Classification in hyperspectral images by independent component analysis, segmented cross-validation and uncertainty estimates

Estimation of phosphorus-based flame retardant in wood by hyperspectral imaging—a new method

Near infrared hyperspectral imaging of blends of conventional and waxy hard wheats

When remote sensing meets topological data analysis