Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy

A collection of papers from the conference
Edited by S.B. Engelsen, K.M. Sørensen and F. van den Berg

ISBN: 978-1-906715-27-4

Preface: ICNIRS 2017 proceedings

  • Søren Balling Engelsen
  • Klavs Martin Sørensen
  • Frans van den Berg
Pages 1–2
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Assessing the potential of two customized fiber-optic probes for on-site analysis of bulk feed grains

  • J. A. Adame-Siles
  • D. Pérez-Marín
  • J. E. Guerrero-Ginel
  • A. Larsen
  • A. Garrido-Varo
Pages 3–10
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Transfer of grain calibrations between a handheld and a process instrument

  • F. Benozzo
  • P. Berzaghi
Pages 11–13
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Characterisation of organic colourants in ukiyo-e prints by Fourier transform near infrared fibre optics reflectance spectroscopy

  • C. Biron
  • F. Daniel
  • G. Le Bourdon
  • R. Chapoulie
  • L. Servant
Pages 15–22
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Investigating the feasibility of using near-infrared spectroscopy for inline monitoring of the salt content in industrial process water

  • Kasper Borg Damkjær
  • Klavs Martin Sørensen
  • Søren Balling Engelsen
Pages 23–29
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Comparative performance of bench and portable near infrared spectrometers for measuring wood samples of two Eucalyptus species (E. pellita and E. benthamii)

  • C. P. Diniz
  • D. Grattapaglia
  • L. F. de Alencar Figueiredo
Pages 31–38
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Visualizing indirect correlations when predicting fatty acid composition from near infrared spectroscopy measurements

  • C. E. Eskildsen
  • T. Næs
  • J. P. Wold
  • N. K. Afseth
  • S. B. Engelsen
Pages 39–44
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Local vs global methods applied to large near infrared databases covering high variability

  • O. Minet
  • V. Baeten
  • B. Lecler
  • P. Dardenne
  • J. A. Fernández Pierna
Pages 45–49
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Bayesian and partial least square global forage calibrations models developed by an iterative procedure using R

  • A. Ferragina
  • F. Benozzo
  • P. Berzaghi
Pages 51–55
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Theoretical and technical advancements of near infrared spectroscopy and its operational impact in industry

  • C. W. Huck
Pages 57–64
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Rapid bacteria selection using Aquaphotomics and near infrared spectroscopy

  • Zoltan Kovacs
  • Aleksandar Slavchev
  • Gyorgy Bazar
  • Bernhard Pollner
  • Roumiana Tsenkova
Pages 65–69
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Calibration transfer between short wave near infrared photodiode array instruments

  • C. Hayes
  • K. Walsh
  • R. Lerud
Pages 71–76
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Use of Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy for the detection of residues from wood processing industry in the pellet sector

  • M. Mancini
  • Å. Rinnan
  • A. Pizzi
  • G. Toscano
Pages 77–84
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On site monitoring of Grana Padano cheese production using portable spectrometers

  • Laura Marinoni
  • Angelo Stroppa
  • Stefania Barzaghi
  • Katia Cremonesi
  • Nicolò Pricca
  • Aurora Meucci
  • Giulia Maria Pedrolini
  • Andrea Galli
  • Giovanni Cabassi
Pages 85–90
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Application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy in screening of fresh cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) storage roots for provitamin A carotenoids

  • E. O. Alamu
  • B. Maziya-Dixon
  • T. Zum Felde
  • P. Kulakow
  • E. Parkes
Pages 91–97
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The structure of water in soft contact lenses: near infrared spectroscopy and Aquaphotomics study

  • J. Munćan
  • J. Šakota Rosić
  • I. Mileusnić
  • V. Matović
  • L. Matija
  • R. Tsenkova
Pages 99–104
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The unreasonable effectiveness of near infrared spectroscopy explained. Introducing the era of NIRS integrated functional fingerprinting

  • Lars Munck
Pages 105–113
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Fine-tuning and cloning of a fiber-optic probe for in situ monitoring and evaluation of quality of olive oil products

  • D. Pérez-Marín
  • J.A. Adame-Siles
  • F. Sánchez-Müller
  • F. Maroto-Molina
  • A. Garrido-Varo
Pages 115–122
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Extending predictions of soil parameters for a national dataset

  • A. H.J. Robertson
  • E. Perez-Fernandez
  • N. J. Baggaley
  • B. M. McKenzie
  • I. J. Owen
  • A. Lilly
Pages 123–127
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Near infrared spectroscopy: rethinking the analysis of sugarcane factory streams

  • S. Walford
Pages 129–133
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Non-destructive determination of silymarin in Silybum marianum extracts with a handheld near infrared spectrometer

  • Hui Yan
  • Mengxing Liang
  • Mingzhu Jianga
  • Heinz W. Siesler
Pages 135–141
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Multivariate data analysis of near-infrared spectra of cultivation medium powders for mammalian cells

  • É. Szabó
  • S. Gergely
  • A. Salgó
Pages 143–150
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Performance comparison of bench-top, hyperspectral imaging and pocket near infrared spectrometers: the example of protein quantification in wheat flour

  • V. Baeten
  • J. A. Fernández Pierna
  • P. Vermeulen
  • B. Lecler
  • O. Minet
  • D. Zio
  • P. Dardenne
Pages 151–155
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Phenotypic classification of sugarcane from near infrared spectra obtained directly from stalk using ordered predictors selection and partial least squares-discriminant analysis

  • L. A. Peternelli
  • M. H.P. Barbosa
  • J. V. Roque
  • R. F. Teofilo
Pages 157–161
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Monitoring of the application of laminating adhesives to polyurethane foam by near infrared chemical imaging

  • G. Mirschel
  • O. Daikos
  • C. Steckert
  • T. Scherzer
Pages 163–168
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First trial with an all-fibre near infrared spectrometer evaluated by multivariate curve resolution

  • T. Ringsted
  • B. Robotham
  • J. D. Buron
  • K. M. Sørensen
  • T. Nikolajsen
  • S. B. Engelsen
Pages 169–175
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