Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling

by Kim H. Esbensen

IM Publications Open, Chichester, UK

Review by Allan Trebbien
B.Tech Management & Marine Engineering


For a reader like me, a newcomer to the field, this new book gives the reader a well-crafted overview of how to get your sampling right from the start—and what it will cost you if you don’t. Combined with a first foray of practical highlights from the theory behind it all, the Theory of Sampling (TOS), it also supplies a lot of interesting background.

From the start, the author delivers a book written in a somewhat unorthodox fashion that makes it very easy to read, complete with many detailed examples and case histories. This book may well end up being the standard introduction sourcebook for representative sampling.

Having read the entire book, the reader is well equipped to start performing sampling in an effective and professional way. The reader will be fully able to appreciate the Danish standard DS3077 “Representative sampling – Horizontal standard (2013)”, the only international standard on this complex subject and a very large trove of literature (and internet) sources as well. This book delivers the necessary understanding for how to perform representative sampling across a great many types of materials, under nearly all conditions of interest in technology and industry.

It comes highly recommended.

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