TOS forum, Issue 5, p. 205 (2015)

Counteracting soil heterogeneity sampling for environmental studies (pesticide residues, contaminant transformation) – TOS is critical

Z. Kardanpoura,b, O.S. Jacobsenb and K.H. Esbensena,b,c
aACABS Research Group, Aalborg University, Denmark. E-mail: [email protected]
bGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). Copenhagen. Denmark
cACRG Research Group, Telemark University College, Norway

This Ph.D. project aims at development of an improved methodology for soil heterogeneity characterization for ‘next generation’ sampling/monitoring and spatial modeling practices a.o. allowing more realistic pesticide variability in environmental contaminant assessment studies. Such studies typically take place in the laboratory. The key question therefore is: Are current sampling techniques able to counteract the inherent soil heterogeneity met with in the field? Analysis of traditional soil sampling approaches from a Theory of Sampling perspective, the answer is a resounding negative. This contribution summarises the extensive sampling aspects involved in the overall project context, also involving chemometric data analysis with a special twist.


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