Issue 5, p. 225 (2015)


Innovative sampling solutions for the mining industry

  • Maurice Wicks  
 Corresponding Author
IMP Group Pty Ltd, PO Box 1183, Osborne Park, Perth WA 6916, Australia
[email protected]
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While online analytical systems are continuously improving, the mine site laboratory remains the benchmark. The laboratory is expected to produce high quality information, so the sampling process is critical. Process managers demand high quality, timely produced results. Mine managers and shareholders are demanding that the process, analytical results and productivity is optimized to maximize return on investment. These demands conflict with traditional sampling and laboratory routines which are frequently slow, labour intensive and commonly involve potentially dangerous, not to mention unscientific methods and work practices. For more than a quarter of a century, IMP has teamed with partners and like-minded customers, to challenge conventional sample collection and processing techniques. In doing so innovative automated sampling and laboratory solutions have been developed for the mining industry. This paper introduces a selection of IMP's automated sampling and laboratory solutions by presenting project examples including a time-based and a mass-based solution for iron ore lump and fines, powder sampling and analysis as well as a slurry sampling and analysis solution.




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