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TOS forum Issue 3 (2014)

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Editorial: A distinct pleasure

  • Kim H. Esbensen
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Future challenges and research: theory of sampling (TOS)

  • D. Francois-Bongarcon
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A young professional’s first encounter with the world sampling community. Report from World Conference on Sampling and Blending WCSB6, 2013, Lima, Peru

  • Karin Engstrøm
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Illusory reconciliation: compensation of manual sampling errors

  • Thammiris Mohamad El Hajj
  • Ana Carolina Chieregati
  • Luiz Eduardo Campos Pignatari
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Opinion: “Cotton is cotton, don’t worry about sampling—just look at the data”

  • Claudia Paoletti
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The Aloha SamplerTM: concept, objective, design and implementation

  • Charles Ramsay
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A review of sampling and monitoring protocols related to radioactive elements in fractured rock aquifers

  • Gathier Mahed
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Sampling 2014—What does academia get from Sampling and WCSB conference(s)?

  • Dick Minnitt
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Sampling 2014—an industry perspective

  • F L Smidth
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Sampling 2014—A manufacturer’s perspective

  • Rolf Steinhaus
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A simpler system of dimensions and units: part 2

  • Francis F. Pitard
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What is wrong with this sampler?

  • Editorial Staff
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PHD Presentation: Characteristics of sensor-based sorting technology and implementation in mining

  • Christopher Robben
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