Virtual Issue: Papers Presented at HSI 2014, Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications, Coventry, UK

Edited by: Aoife Gowen and Jinchang Ren

Hyperspectral analysis for extraction of chemical characteristics in dehydrated bones

  • Carolina Blanch-Perez-del-Notario
  • Andy Lambrechts

Hyperspectral to multispectral imaging for detection of tree nuts and peanut traces in wheat flour

  • Puneet Mishra
  • Ana Herrero-Langreo
  • Pilar Barreiro
  • Jean Michel Roger
  • Belén Diezma
  • Nathalie Gorretta
  • Lourdes Lleó

Advances in hyperspectral remote sensing I: The visible Fourier transform hyperspectral imager

  • J. Bruce Rafert