Virtual Issue: Spectral Imaging in Synchrotron Light Facilities

Edited by: Frédéric Jamme and Solenn Reguer

Spatial distribution of starch, proteins and lipids in maize endosperm probed by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy

  • Camille Rivard
  • Benedicte Bakan
  • Claire Boulogne
  • Khalil Elmorjani
  • Sufal Swaraj
  • Rachid Belkhou
  • Didier Marion

Impact of the influenza protein PB1-F2 on the biochemical composition of human epithelial cells revealed by synchrotron Fourier transform infrared spectromicroscopy

  • Olivier Leymarie
  • Ronan Le Goffic
  • Frédéric Jamme
  • Christophe Chevalier

Physicochemistry in medicine: some selected examples

  • Dominique Bazin
  • Michel Daudon

Assessment of adeno-associated virus gene therapies efficacy on acid alpha-glucosidase restoration and glycogen storage correction in cardiac muscle of Pompe disease mice using synchrotron infrared and ultraviolet microspectroscopies

  • Laurence Dubreil
  • Lydie Lagalice
  • Johan Deniaud
  • Antoine Sabourin
  • Claire Lovo
  • Karim Bey
  • Juliette Hordeaux
  • Chantal Thorin
  • Christophe Sandt
  • Frédéric Jamme
  • Marie-Anne Colle

Preferred metabolic pathway of bovine muscle fibre revealed by synchrotron–deep ultraviolet fluorescence imaging

  • Thierry Astruc
  • Olivier Loison
  • Frédéric Jamme
  • Matthieu Réfrégiers
  • Annie Vénien

Performance comparison of aperture-less and confocal infrared microscopes

  • C. Sandt
  • Z. Dionnet
  • M. Toplak
  • E. Fernandez
  • R. Brunetto
  • F. Borondics