Proceedings of the Virtual and Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Conference 2018

A collection of papers from the conference
Edited by J. Hudson and R. Kerton

ISBN: 978-1-906715-28-1


  • Rhian Kerton
  • Joanne Hudson
Pages 1–2
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Barriers to VR use in HE

  • Leighton Evans
Pages 3–13
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Step away from the CAD station: A hands-on and immersive approach to second year teaching of Mechanical Engineering design

  • Peter Dorrington
  • Will Harrison
  • Helen Brown
  • Marc Holmes
  • Rhian Kerton
Pages 15–31
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Can Virtual Reality assist the recoupling of theory and practice in Civil Engineering education?

  • Patricia Xavier
  • Marc Holmes
  • Russell Evans
  • Jude Clancy
Pages 33–42
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Virtual Reality for enhanced teaching of conceptual design development

  • Clare Wood
Pages 43–47
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Immersive Virtual Reality as a teaching aid for anatomy

  • Laura Mason
  • Marc Holmes
Pages 49–60
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Using virtual experiences of older age: exploring pedagogical and psychological experiences of students

  • Joanne Hudson
  • Taylor Waters
  • Marc Holmes
  • Sunil Agris
  • David Seymour
  • Laura Thomas
  • Emily J. Oliver
Pages 61–72
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The use of virtual reality for public health education with reference to Syrian refugee camps

  • Henry Dawson
  • Nael Alami
  • Keith Bowen
  • Diana Maddah
Pages 73–81
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Virtual reality for social skills training

  • Marco Gillies
  • Xueni ’Sylvia Pan’
Pages 83–92
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Escaping Plato’s Cave: Ethical considerations for the use of Virtual Reality in psychology teaching

  • Kristin P.J. Thompson
  • Ciarán O’Keeffe
  • Genevieve M. Cseh
  • Piers Worth
  • Matthew D. Smith
Pages 93–99
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