Amrita Sahu joins JSI’s Editorial Advisory Board

Photo of Amrita Sahu

Amrita Sahu

We are delighted to welcome Amrita Sahu to the Editorial Advisory Board of JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging. Amrita works as a Senior Scientist in Altria, based in Richmond, VA, USA. Her primary responsibility is leading optical imaging research at Altria with a focus on quality control, new product development and discovering agronomic traits. Some of the applications that she has worked on are using hyperspectral imaging for grading agricultural products, on-line detection of contaminants and detection of microscopic defects on metal substrates. Amrita and her team builds systems using state-of-the-art equipment and then comes up with algorithms and image processing techniques to develop the system. Most of their work is geared for implementation in factories to improve quality control. Amrita was awarded the “2016 John R. Nelson Innovator of the Year” award within Altria for her work.

Amrita will add to the strong industrial experience within the JSI Editorial Team.