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Front and back cover sof the book
An important reference and a wake-up call for all analysts.
Chapters from six of the Proceedings of ICNIRS conferences are now freely available, with more to follow.
Mass spectra of lipids and image of rat brain using MAIV mass spectrometry imaging.
Professor Malcolm Clench and his group at Sheffield Hallam University have recorded the first mass spectrometry images using MAIV mass spectrometry, and the results are published in JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging.
Photo of coral (Montipora digitata) displaying a bright green fluorescence
The bleaching of corals is an indication of their poor health due to the stress of increased water temperature and other factors. A cost-effective solution to monitor coral health, based on a fluorescence hyperspectral camera mounted on an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), is being developed by scientists at the University of Bristol, UK, and Sealife London Aquarium.
Plastics recycling is complicated by the need to recycle similar plastics together. The presence of flame retardants in plastics also needs to be identified, and a NIR hyperspectral imaging method to do so is reported in this paper in JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging.
Outdoor bronze statues suffer from corrosion by the urban atmosphere. Short wavelength infrared hyperspectral imaging can determine the spatial distribution of corrosion products on the statue, none of which can be recognised by visual observation.
The final step in pharmaceutical production is often tableting. Near infrared chemical imaging can be used to monitor inconsistencies in the powder that will become the tablet, which have been introduced by mechanical processes in the tableting equipment and can lead to out of specification tablets.