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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: The Future Waves

ISBN: 978-1-906715-20-5

The near infrared paradigm: will 25 years of research/knowledge hinder near infrared’s future?

Bob Rosenthal and Phil Williams

Interpretive spectroscopy for near infrared

Jerome J. Workman, Jr

Combining near and mid-infrared reflectance spectra: Any spectral advantage?

James B. Reeves, III

Use of two-dimensional mid-infrared/near infrared spectroscopy to understand the correlation of near infrared spectra to physical parameters

D.S. Himmelsbach, F.E. Barton, II and J.G. Montalvo

Correlation spectroscopy: near infrared, mid-infrared and Raman spectral regions as complementary techniques for the study of wheat properties

F.E. Barton, II and D.S. Himmelsbach

A study of the dissociation process of oleyl alcohol by two-dimensional Fourier transform near infrared correlation spectroscopy

Yukihiro Ozaki, Yongliang Liu, Isao Noda and Mirosław A. Czarnecki

Fourier transform near infrared and Fourier transform infrared studies of oleyl alcohol: dissociation and anharmonicity

Yongliang Liu, Hisashi Maeda, Yukihiro Ozaki, Masao Suzuki, Makio Iwahashi and M.A. Czarnecki

Fourier tranform near infrared study of aqueous solutions of simple salts: from molecular spectroscopic study to chemometrics

Hisashi Maeda, Yukihiro Ozaki, Munehiro Tanaka, Nobuyuki Hayashi and Takayuki Kojima

Near infrared studies on molecular conformation of silk fibroin

Mitsuhiro Miyazawa, Walter S. Leal, Masashi Sonoyama and Hiromi Yamashita

Near infrared absorption and luminescence spectroscopy as a probe to the low-energy excited states of organometallics and inorganic materials

Christian Reber, Martin Davis, Ueli Oetliker, Yanick Pelletier and Carole Savoie

Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy: it’s place among quantitative near infrared instruments and it’s utility for qualitative analysis

David L. Wetzel

The promise of Fourier transform near infrared: universal calibrations

H. Buijs

Cameras for near infrared spectroscopy

Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Christophe Guizard, Jean-Louis Vigneau and Dominique Bertrand

On-line quality measurement of unhomogenized products with near infrared spectroscopy and neural networks

Claus Borggaard and Jens Havn Thorup

Near infrared acousto-optic tunable filter spectrometer extractograms of carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction

David L. Wetzel and Joseph A. Sweat

Application of a portable near infrared analyser for wheat measurement

Gábor Takács, Tibor Pokorny and István Bányász

An alternative to handheld fibre optic probes

Christine Simard and Henry Buijs

Sample presentation in near infrared spectroscopy—limited only by man’s imagination

S.V. Hammond, T.G. Axon and S.J. Maris

Sample preparation procedures for use in near infrared analysis of fruit and vegetable crops

G.D. Batten, A.B. Blakeney and C.R. Blatt

Comparison of standardization techniques

John S. Shenk and Mark O. Westerhaus

Experience with certified reference material (wheat) series for near infrared reflectance/near infrared transmittance equipment

Judit Budai and Judit Fükõ

Permanent samples for standardising near infrared instruments

Ian A. Cowe and Anthony M.C. Davies

Calibration and field standardization of Tecator Infratec analyzers for corn and soybeans

Glen R. Rippke, Connie L. Hardy, Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr and Thomas J. Brumm

Calibration and field standardization of Foss Grainspec analyzers for corn and soybeans

Connie L. Hardy, Glen R. Rippke, Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr and Thomas J. Brumm

Use of near infrared transmission for rapid analysis of meat composition

Marcia King-Brink, Zoraida DeFreitas and Joseph G. Sebranek

Leaf nitrogen determination using a portable near infrared spectrometer

A.B. Blakeney, G.D. Batten and L.A. Welsh

Investigation of near infrared instrument performance during a clinical study of human sera

James R. Long, Marilyn R. Gatin, Paul W. Schmitt, Paul J. Galley and John F. Price

How to generate a near infrared knowledge base—a multimedia tool for teaching and learning

Walter Koller, Lüder Tockenbürger and Doris Schilling

An overview of multivariate spectral data analysis

Paul Geladi

Chemometrics of multichannel imaging

Dominique Bertrand, Paul Robert, Bruno Novales and Marie-Françoise Devaux

Split-sample correlation of lab data sets upper limit on near infrared correlation

Terry Watkins, Joe Montalvo, Bryan Vinyard, Robert Grimball and Steve Buco

How do we do it: a brief summary of the methods we use in developing near infrared calibrations

Phil Williams and Debbie Sobering

Calibration by straightforward methods

Howard Mark

Wavelength selection for the multivariate calibration of near infrared spectroscopic data

D. Jouan-Rimbaud and D.L. Massart

Calibration the ISI way

John S. Shenk and Mark O. Westerhaus

A statistics-based expert calibration system

Paul R. Mobley and Bruce R. Kowalski

Reduction of spectral data for rapid quality evaluation

Károly J. Kaffka and László S. Gyarmati

Data management considerations for multivariate correlations of sensory and near infrared spectroscopic analyses of chilled chicken breasts

B.G. Lyon, W.R. Windham, F.E. Barton II and C.E. Lyon

When to use chemometric near infrared transfer steps

Bruce H. Campbell

Development of a non-linear statistical routine for optical filter optimization

Denis Lafrance and David H. Burns

Use of principal components analysis in a near infrared study of the dissociation process of oleyl alcohol in carbon tetrachloride

Yongliang Liu, Yukihiro Ozaki, Tsuyoshi Miura, Masao Suzuki and Makio Iwahashi

Selection and application of chemometric techniques in near infrared evaluation of barley malts

Jenette Y. Wheeler, Peter L. Freeman and Debra K. Jones

Not just moisture: a review of some commercially successful near infrared applications

Ian B. Benson

Control of fermentations by means of on-line near infrared spectrometry

E. Dosi, G. Vaccari, A. L. Campi, G. Mantovani, A. Gonzaléz-Vara y R. and A. Trilli

Study on yeast enzymatic activities by near infrared spectroscopy and radiorespirometry

S.H. Yan, M. Maudoux, S. Collin, J-L. Van Haecht and J. Mayaudon

Applications of near infrared spectroscopy to fermentation process analysis

I.K. Brookes, B.N. Gedge and S.V. Hammond

In-line measurement of high moisture products

E. Wüst, A. Fehrmann, A. Hoffmann and L. Rudzik

On-line near infrared optimisation of refining and petrochemical processes

Didier Lambert, Bernard Descales, Richard Llinas, Alain Espinosa, Sebastien Osta, Michel Sanchez and Andre Martens

Quantitative analysis of resorcinol in aqueous solution by near infrared spectroscopy—from the laboratory to the production floor

S. Agyare Yeboah, Regis Cinier and Jean Guilment

Fourier transform near infrared process monitoring of multiple inorganic ions in aqueous solution

J.F. Binette and H. Buijs

On-line monitoring of enzymatic degradation of wheat starch by near infrared

Georges Sinnaeve, Pierre Dardenne, Béatrice Weirich and Richard Agneessens

Using near infrared transmittance network and on-line systems in grain segregation and process control

Marianne Sernevi

How near infrared measurements are taken around the world in textile plants

Subhas Ghosh

A chemometric approach: evaluating important parameters in the near infrared in-line calibration

Vincent A.L. Wortel and Wei G. Hansen

Process control—a new quality control option from Infrasoft International

Jean Daly

Characterization of biological tissues using Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy

Abraham George, Gabor Patonay and Sidney A. Crow Jr

Depth-profiling of skin by near infrared spectroscopy

Kathleen Martin

Detection of breast cancer by near infrared absorption and excitation

Jiashu Tong, Marc Meurens and Henri Noël

Identification of human breast tissues by near infrared spectroscopy

Joelle Wallon, Shou He Yan and Jules Haot

Reagentless determination of hemoglobin using near infrared spectroscopy

István Vályi-Nagy, János Jákó and Gyula Domján

Comparison of clinical studies: near infrared predictions of multiple analytes in human sera

Marilyn R. Gatin, James R. Long, Paul W. Schmitt, Paul J. Galley and John F. Price

Rapid analysis of β-lipoprotein in human blood serum using near infrared spectroscopy

Gyula Domján, János Jákó and István Vályi-Nagy

Qualitative and quantitative near infrared analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

Don Muller and Tom Kapral

Quantitative determination of the ingredients of pharmaceutical tablets

Zsuzsa Bertha-Somodi, Zsofia Pap-Sziklai and Karoly Kaffka

Advantages of near infrared transmission measurement for the analysis of intact pharmaceutical tablets

Doris Schilling, Gabriele Barth, Manfred Mülchi and Wolf Dammertz

Non-destructive quality control of pharmaceutical tablets by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

J.-P. Conzen, A. Schmidt and J.Q. Wang

Field test for post consumer package identification by near infrared spectroscopy combined with neural networks

R. Feldhoff, T. Huth-Fehre, T. Kantimm, F. Winter, K. Cammann, W. van den Broek, D. Wienke and H. Fuchs

Non-supervised neural categorisation of near infrared spectra

Paloma Cáceres-Alonso, Roberto Rodríguez-Galán and Alvaro García-Tejedor

Differentiation of polymorphic forms of alprazolam and fluconazole by near infrared Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy

X.J. Gu and W. Jiang

The potential for the use of near infrared analysis of food materials in the regulatory context of the European Union

Christopher N.G. Scotter

Coffee authentication by near infrared spectroscopy

Gerard Downey and Jérôme Boussion

Quantitative near infrared analysis of orange juices using partial least squares method

Weijie Li, Michel Foulon, Marc Meurens and Benoit Moreau

The identification of the country of origin of high value agricultural products by near infrared spectroscopy

Young Kil Kwon, Rae Kwang Cho and Satoko Yasumoto

The application of near infrared spectroscopy to the identification of fruit pulps

I.J. Wesley and A.E.J. McGill

Discrimination of durum wheat products for quality control

Dominique Bertrand, Bruno Novales, Marie-Françoise Devaux, Paul Robert and Joel Abecassis

Identification of free and covalently bound amino acids by near infrared spectroscopy in food proteins

Mária Váradi, Árpád Tóth and Gyöngyi Hajós

Rapid classification and blends analysis of tobacco mixtures using near infrared and artificial neural networks

Su-Chin Lo

Applying near infrared spectroscopy to the needs of US grain inspection

R.O. Pierce, D.B. Funk and C.A. Brenner

Non-destructive determination of protein content in a single kernel of wheat and soybean by near infrared spectroscopy

Hideyuki Abe, Toyoko Kusama, Sumio Kawano and Mutsuo Iwamoto

Whole grain prediction of durum wheat yellow pigment by visible/near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

N.M. Edwards, J.E. Dexter, D.C. Sobering and P.C. Williams

Whole wheat grain hardness measurement by near infrared spectroscopy

Marena Manley, Albert E.J. McGill and Brian G. Osborne

Application of near infrared technology in the milling industry

Larisa Makse

Rapid assessment of potential malting quality of barley by near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

Yueshu Li, Gordon Laycock and Walter Fernets

Near infrared networking—the ultimate control

Nils Bo Büchmann

Rapid detection of contaminants in cereals

John Chambers and Chris Ridgway

Near infrared applications in the development of genetically altered grains

Daniel J. Dyer and Ping Feng

Rapid estimation of protein, oil and moisture contents in whole-grain soybean seeds by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Masakazu Takahashi, Makita Hajika, Kazunori Igita and Tetsuo Sato

Near infrared reflectance measurements to assess the chemical and physical variations in arable soils

Bo Stenberg and Erik Nordkvist

Spectral reflectance of soils and crop residues

C.S.T. Daughtry, J.E. McMurtrey III, P.L. Nagler, M.S. Kim and E.W. Chappelle

The importance of near infrared spectroscopy in deciding appropriate feeding strategies for Australian livestock

P.C. Flinn and G.J. Downes

NIR estimation of crop age

Graeme D. Batten and Anthony B. Blakeney

Near infrared spectroscopic analysis of intact grass silage and fresh grass for dry matter, crude protein and acid detergent fiber

C.A. Kennedy, J.A. Shelford and P.C. Williams

Fresh forage analysis by near infrared spectroscopy

Pierre Dardenne, Richard Agneessens and Georges Sinnaeve

Determination of the quality of fresh silages by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Begoña de la Roza, Adela Martínez, Sagrario Modroño and Begoña Santos

Colour measurement of hay using near infrared spectroscopy

P.C. Flinn and A.B. Blakeney

Near infrared analysis of milk-based liquid by-products used as animal feedstocks

I.J. Wesley, P.H. Brooks and A.E.J. McGill

Prediction of purine nitrogen and total nitrogen content of duodenal digesta of sheep by near infrared spectroscopy

S. Atanassova, D. Djouvinov, E. Enev and N. Todorov

Near infrared spectroscopy forage and feed testing network: a model of cooperation

Neal P. Martin, Mark Matteson, Dan Undersander and John Peters

Automatic determination of protein fractions in manchega ewe’s milk by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Juan J. Pascual, Pilar Molina and Rosa Puchades

Near infrared monitoring of biological objects on a dairy farm

R. Tsenkova, K. Itoh, M. Natsuga and J. Himoto

Determination of crude fat in animal feces—monitoring with near infrared spectroscopy in zootechnical experiments

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz and Adolf Korniewicz

Near infrared analysis of the fodder shrub tagasaste (Chamaecytisus proliferus) for nutritive value and anti-nutritive factors

P.C. Flinn, N.J. Edwards, C.M. Oldham and D.M. McNeill

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for determining protein fractions in alfalfa

H. Hsu, A. Suleiman and G. Recinos-Diaz

The use of near infrared spectroscopy to measure total dietary fiber content of cereal products

Sandra E. Kays, W.R. Windham and F.E. Barton, II

Use of near infrared transmittance in quality analysis of fish

Christel Solberg

Classification of prior temperature history of chilled chicken breasts by near infrared spectroscopy

W.R. Windham, F.E. Barton II, B.G. Lyon and C.E. Lyon

Rice whole grain milling yield by near infrared transmittance

L.A. Welsh, A.B. Blakeney, J.E. Reece and J.A. Ronalds

Near infrared analysis of cheese-making properties of goat’s milk

C. Angulo, M. Analla, I. Jiménez, A. Muñoz, A. Moraga and J.M. Serradilla

Investigation of the lyophilization effect on mixed milk powder products by near infrared spectroscopy

Sándor P. Barabássy and Sándor Turza

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopic determination of water, protein and fat in pork liver

Henryk W. Czarnik-Matusewicz and Adolf Korniewicz

Determination of oxidized edible oils by near infrared spectroscopy

Hitoshi Takamura, Noriko Hyakumoto and Teruyoshi Matoba

Approaches to the measurement of fruit and vegetable quality parameters using near infrared spectroscopy

Christopher N.G. Scotter

Application of near infrared spectroscopy for quality evaluation of an intact apple

Rae Kwang Cho, Young Kil Kwon, Kyung Hee Lee and Mutsuo Iwamoto

Near infrared routine analysis of sugarcane juice in a sugar manufacturing company in Japan

Reiji Sekiguchi, Ken-ichi Fuchigami, Sumiko Hara and Chuichi Tutumi

Measurement of sugar contents in apples by near infrared spectroscopy and development of a compact near infrared sugar-measuring instrument

T. Temma, M. Chiba, K. Hanamatsu, F. Shinoki and T. Tsushima

Measurement of construction sugar in Japanese pear using near infrared spectroscopy

Takayuki Kojima and Munehiro Tanaka

Analysis of high-moisture material—fibrated sugarcane

N. Berding and G.A. Brotherton

Solid propellant combustion diagnostics using multichannel near infrared absorption spectroscopy

S.H. Modiano and J.A. Vanderhoff

Prediction of the refractive index of hydrotreated gas oils with near infrared spectroscopy

Nathalie Zanier

Recognition of chemical changes occurring in wood subjected to treatment with some selected physical factors using near infrared spectroscopy

W.B. Mroczyk, W. Pradzynski and K. Brzozowska

Comparison of near infrared spectroscopy and standard analysis of turf soil profiles

A. Couillard, J.S. Shenk, M.O. Westerhaus and A.J. Turgeon

Simultaneous measurements of cotton fiber mass and moisture content

R.A. Taylor

Near infrared analysis of mentholated tobaccos

Zhao Lu and Brian Curtiss

Prediction of organic C, N and P in freshwater sediments using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

D.F. Malley, B.W. Hauser, P.C. Williams and J. Hall

Near infrared spectroscopy past and future

Edward Stark