Chemometrics Tools for Process Monitoring School 2020

  10 March 2020 to 13 March 2020
   Modena, Italy

The Chemometrics Tools for Process Monitoring School will covers the basis of process monitoring and how to approach this task. Attention will be devoted to the industrial context at a complexity level which requires a multivariate approach to statistical process control to gain insight into process dynamic.

The course will cover:

  • The basis of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS) as an optional day (19 February) for those who are not familiar with these methods
  • The basic concept of classical control chart methodology
  • How to obtain and use Multivariate Control Charts(MCC)
  • Illustrate the case of continuous and batch processes with its own peculiarities with respect to process understanding, monitoring and fault detection
  • Present and Discuss case study applications