Issue 5, p. 221 (2015)


A European standard for sampling of waste material: EN 14899

  • Philippe Wavrer  
  • Bernard Morvan
  • Sebastien Louis-Rose
Traidema, 36, rue Albert Briand, 35200 Rennes, France
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Afnor Normalisation, 93571 La Plaine Saint-Denis Cedex, France
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 Corresponding Author
Caspeo, 3 avenue Claude Guillemin, 45060 Orlé ;ans Cedex 2, France
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Management of waste streams requires knowledge of their intrinsic characteristics, especially with respect to evaluating their response to various treatments, and their potential impacts on the environment. Testing and characterization of wastes allows informed decisions to be made on the appropriate way in which they should be treated, (or not), recovered or disposed. In order to undertake valid tests, it is a requirement that this is based only on representative samples.




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