Issue 10, p. 24 (2020)


The legacy of Charles Oliver Ingamells (1916–1994)

  • Francis F. Pitard  
 Corresponding Author

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Charles Oliver Ingamells passed away in April 1994 at age 77. Ingamells received his BA at the University of Western Ontario and his MS at the University of Minnesota. During his later years in his retirement home in Florida he was a faithful representative of a group of well-known world experts in Sampling Theory, such as Pierre M. Gy, Francis F. Pitard, Jan Visman, Paul Switzer at Stanford University and J.C. Engels at the US Geological Survey and the Linus Pauling Institute in Menlo Park, California. His association with Francis F. Pitard during several years at Amax Extractive Research & Development in Colorado has added to a unique combination of different experiences in the field of geochemical analysis. His pioneering work in the field of geological sampling led to collaboration with the above experts.




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