Journal of Spectral Imaging,   Volume 9   Article ID a7   (2020)

Peer reviewed Letter

Thermal imaging as a tool in food analysis

  • Daniela Souza Ferreira  
 Corresponding Author
Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Food Engineering, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), 13083-862, Campinas, SP, Brazil
[email protected]
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This Letter reviews the application of thermal imaging for food quality control. Thermal imaging uses a single, portable device, which provides a visible image of the invisible infrared radiation, and can be used for real-time monitoring at low cost compared to spectral imaging technology. To monitor the quality parameters of the sample, classification or regression models are constructed using multivariate analysis or chemometrics tools. Few studies have used thermography for the analysis of food to-date, so this Letter will only address thermal mapping, internal defect detection, adulteration detection and the prediction of compound concentration.

Keywords: infrared thermal image, infrared thermography, food analysis, non-destructive analysis, chemometrics, emissivity




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