Journal of Spectral Imaging,   Volume 9   Article ID a20   (2020)

Peer reviewed Paper

A novel dual-path high-throughput acousto-optic tunable filter imaging spectropolarimeter

  • Ramy Abdlaty  
  • Qiyin Fang
Engineering Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
[email protected]
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 Corresponding Author
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt
[email protected]
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It is highly demanding to identify healthy and non-healthy species in a heterogeneous environment such as human tissues. In such a case, one identifier, such as a spectral fingerprint, might be inadequate. Therefore, additional identification is required, for instance, a polarisation measurement. In view of that, the development of a spectropolarimeter that captures two cross-polarised arrays of spectral images is a key requirement. To meet this requirement, an imager optical setup has been designed to provide spatial, spectral and polarisation preference information for species that exist in a heterogeneous environment, such as in medical tissue samples. The spectral and polarisation information is obtained employing an acousto-optic tunable filter and a polarising beam splitter, respectively. The optical imager is designed to operate in the visible-near infrared range (450–850 nm) with a spectral resolution of 3 nm. The spectropolarimeter design along with optical characterisation results are reported.

Keywords: hyperspectral imaging, polarised imaging, spectral footprint, AOTF, optical design




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