Virtual Issue: Chemometrics in Hyperspectral Imaging

Edited by: Paul Geladi and Hans Grahn

Near infrared hyperspectral images and pattern recognition techniques used to identify etiological agents of cotton anthracnose and ramulosis

  • Priscila S.R. Aires
  • Francisco F. Gambarra-Neto
  • Wirton M. Coutinho
  • Alderi E. Araujo
  • Gilvan Ferreira da Silva
  • Josivanda P.G. Gouveia
  • Everaldo P. Medeiros

Semi-supervised learning of hyperspectral image segmentation applied to vine tomatoes and table grapes

  • Jeroen van Roy
  • Niels Wouters
  • Bart De Ketelaere
  • Wouter Saeys

Unsupervised classification of individual foodborne bacteria from a mixture of bacteria cultures within a hyperspectral microscope image

  • Matthew Eady
  • Bosoon Park

Concentration monitoring with near infrared chemical imaging in a tableting press

  • Himmat Dalvi
  • Clémence Fauteux-Lefebvre
  • Jean-Maxime Guay
  • Nicolas Abatzoglou
  • Ryan Gosselin

Classification in hyperspectral images by independent component analysis, segmented cross-validation and uncertainty estimates

  • Beatriz Galindo-Prieto
  • Frank Westad

Estimation of phosphorus-based flame retardant in wood by hyperspectral imaging—a new method

  • Petter Stefansson
  • Ingunn Burud
  • Thomas Thiis
  • Lone Ross Gobakken
  • Erik Larnøy

When remote sensing meets topological data analysis

  • Ludovic Duponchel