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JSI Table of Contents Volume 8 (2019)

Hyperspectral microscope imaging methods for multiplex detection of Campylobacter

  • Bosoon Park
  • Matthew Eady
  • Brian Oakley
  • Seung-Chul Yoon
  • Kurt Lawrence
  • Gary Gamble
Published 10 March 2019, Article ID a6
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Hyperspectral imaging as a tool for assessing coral health utilising natural fluorescence

  • Jonathan Teague
  • Jack Willans
  • Michael J. Allen
  • Thomas B. Scott
  • John C.C. Day
Published 5 March 2019, Article ID a7
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Effect of colony age on near infrared hyperspectral images of foodborne bacteria

  • Paul J. Williams
  • Terri-Lee Kammies
  • Pieter A. Gouws
  • Marena Manley
Published 30 January 2019, Article ID a5
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Application of hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics for classifying plastics with brominated flame retardants

  • Daniel Caballero
  • Marta Bevilacqua
  • José Manuel Amigo
Published 22 January 2019, Article ID a1
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Comparison of spectral selection methods in the development of classification models from visible near infrared hyperspectral imaging data

  • Aoife A. Gowen
  • Jun-Li Xu
  • Ana Herrero-Langreo
Published 17 January 2019, Article ID a4
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Raman and Fourier transform infrared hyperspectral imaging to study dairy residues on different surface

  • V. Caponigro
  • F. Marini
  • R. M. Dorrepaal
  • A. Herrero-Langreo
  • A. G.M. Scannell
  • A. A. Gowen
Published 14 January 2019, Article ID a3
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Increased sensitivity in near infrared hyperspectral imaging by enhanced background noise subtraction

  • Torbjørn Mehl
  • Guro Marie Wyller
  • Ingunn Burud
  • Espen Olsen
Published 10 January 2019, Article ID a2
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