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Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference

ISBN: 978-1-906715-03-8

A method for rapid assessment of oil and protein contents in whole rapeseed kernels

C. Petisco, B. García-Criado, B.R. Vázquez-de-Aldana and A. García-Ciudad

Application of near infrared technology to sugar beet breeding programmes for energy uses

C. Magaña, N. Núñez-Sánchez, P. García, A. Úbeda, A. Moyano, J.M. Pemán, D. Pérez-Marín, V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, J. García-Olmo and E. Alcalde

Prediction of kraft pulp yield in eucalypts: an inter-lab study

R. Meder, G.M. Downes, N. Ebdon, T. Rodemann, W. Naidoo, T. Stanger and P. Ramadevi

Using a portable near infrared spectrometer in Eucalyptus breeding trials

R. Meder, J. Brawner, D. Boden, P. Macdonell, P. Warburton, M. Varghese, Dwivedi and P. Ramadevi

Outer product analysis applied to time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy (TRS) and NIR reflectance spectra of apples

S. Barzaghi, M. Vanoli, K. Cremonesi, G. Cortellino, D. Torreggiani, A. Rizzolo, M. Grassi, L. Spinelli and A. Torricelli

The methods of illumination and scanning for detecting internal disorders and quality of mangosteen by near infrared spectroscopy

S. Teerachaichayut, W. Thanapase, S. Kasemsumran, K. Shigefuji, K. Kiji, Y. Nitta, S. Saranwong and S. Kawano

Multi-spectral assessment of ingredients and physical properties of apricot

F. Firtha, Z. Gillay, E. Vozáry, T. Kasza, A. Lambert-Meretei and J. Felföldi

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for the determination of internal quality of entire apples

G. Sinnaeve, A. Pissard, J.A. Fernández Pierna, G. Lognay, A. Rondia, P. Dupont, T. Donis, V. Baeten, A. Mouteau, J-M. Romnée and M. Lateur

Prediction of hass avocado maturity via FT-NIRS

B.B. Wedding, C. Wright, S. Grauf, R.D. White, B. Tilse and P. Gadek

Prototype of automatic line sorting of mango

R. Pornprasit, P. Theanjumpol, S. Pattana, W. Klongpanich and J. Natwichai

Abstract: Grape tannin measurement by near infrared spectroscopy

D. Cozzolino, W.U. Cynkar, R.G. Dambergs, N. Shah, M. Mercurio and P. Smith

Near infrared imaging technology for detecting fruit fly eggs and larvae in intact mangoes

S. Saranwong, J. Anusornwongchai, A. Janhiran, S. Kasemsumran, W. Thanapase and S. Kawano

Looking at mixtures with near infrared microscopy

V. Fernández-Ibáñez, T. Fearn, A. Soldado and B. de la Roza-Delgado

Towards a zero toxin vetch via NIRS

C. Margach, S. Roumeliotis, J. Eglinton and M. Tate

Comparison of near infrared transmittance and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to select high nutritional value naked oats

S. Bellato, V. Del Frate, A. Conciatori, A. Cammerata, D. Sgrulletta, E. De Stefanis, A.D. Magrì and F. Marini

Portable visible/near infrared spectroscopy for assessing flesh quality of aquaculture produce

M. Brown, M. Fluckiger, R. Tume, A. Sikes, P. Kube, R. Taylor, M. Brock and N. Elliott

Validation of near infrared spectroscopy analysis in authentication of fresh and frozen—thawed fish products

L. Fasolato, E. Cencetti, R. Riovanto, M. Mirisola, E. Novelli, S. Balzan, L. Serva, J.C. Ferlito, F. Benozzo, M.E. Teneggi and P. Berzaghi

Ability of on site near infrared spectroscopy to predict shelf life extension of the pork meat

A. Soldado, V. Fernández-Ibáñez, M. Álvarez, A. Martínez, N. Prado, P. González, J. Díaz and B. de la Roza-Delgado

Modeling beef quality using NIRS

M. Challies, G.R. Burling-Claridge, E. Micklander, K. Rosenvold and M. North

Feasibility of low cost non-destructive prediction of free fatty acids value of sunflower oil using near infrared spectroscopy

V. Venkataraman, R. Sridhar, C. Kumaravelu, P.K. Anil, T. Chinnu, A.G. Gopala Krishna, K.P. Chethan, S. Debnath and B.R. Lokesh

Abstract: Determination of fish oil quality using near infrared spectroscopy

J. Mookdasanit, S. Boonchouy, S. Kasemsumran, W. Thanapase, W. Worawattanamateekul and S. Boonbumrung

Quality control of table sauces by near infrared spectroscopy

A. Serrano, A. Cáceres, D. Pérez-Marín, J. García-Olmo, V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, J.E. Guerrero-Ginel, A. Garrido-Varo, and N. Núñez-Sánchez

Near infrared technology to support the Andalusian olive oil industry

N. Núñez-Sánchez, D. Pérez-Marín, V.M. Fernández-Cabanás, J. García-Olmo, A. Serrano, J. Salas, L. Gómez, R. Suárez, F. Camacho, J.E. Guerrero-Ginel and A. Garrido-Varo

Identification of honey authenticity by near infrared spectroscopy

P. Sirisomboon, W. Thanapase, S. Kasemsumran and S. Howvimanporn

Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to measure leaf water potential in grape vines

R. De Bei, W. Sullivan, W.U. Cynkar, D. Cozzolino, R.G. Dambergs, J. Pech, M. McCarthy, P. Smith and S.D. Tyerman

Online monitoring the extraction process of Qingkailing injection by near infrared spectroscopy

H. Yang, L. Li, B. Qin, X. Chu, H. Hu, S. Liu, X. Han, H. Ye, Q. Liang, Y. Wang and G. Luo

Rapid analysis of Scrophulariae radix using near-infrared spectroscopy

D.Y. Lee, E. Jung Choi, S.H. Kim, H.J. Kim, S.U. Yi, Y.C. Kim and S.H. Sung

What is the type of water that you use?

R. Giangiacomo, L. Marinoni and T.M.P. Cattaneo

A Bayesian framework for near infrared calibration

T. Fearn, D. Pérez-Marín, A. Garrido-Varo and J. E. Guerrero-Ginel

Calibration pixel selection for hyperspectral discrimination of ruminant and fish animal by-products

C. Riccioli, W. Saeys, P. Vallesquino-Laguna, D. Pérez-Marín, J.E. Guerrero-Ginel and A. Garrido-Varo

Preventing over-fitting in hyperspectral image regression

A.A. Gowen, J. Burger, C. Esquerre, G. Downey and C.P. O’Donnell

An unsupervised segmentation approach for hyperspectral images

N. Gorretta, J.M. Roger, G. Rabatel, C. Fiorio, C. Lelong and V. Bellon-Maurel

Monitoring bread staling by near infrared hyperspectral imaging

N. Sinelli, C. Esquerre, V. Di Egidio, E. Casiraghi, C.P. O’Donnell and G. Downey

Pre-germination in barley using NIR hyperspectral imaging

P. Engelbrecht, M. Manley, P.J. Williams, G. du Toit and P. Geladi

Characterisation of fonio millet by near infrared hyperspectral imaging

J.A. Fernández-Pierna, Ph. Vermeulen, D. Stilmant, B. Dupuis, P. Dardenne and V. Baeten

On-line near infrared technique for biorefinery process monitoring

T.A. Lestander, R. Samuelsson, M. Finell, M. Arshadi and B. Allvin

Development of a prototype instrument for minced meat

S. Park, K. Sashida, T. Okura, G. Noguchi, S. Saranwong, A. Ikehata and S. Kawano

Monitoring of alcoholic fermentation using NIR and MIR spectroscopy

V. Di Egidio, N. Sinelli, G. Giovanelli, A. Moles and E. Casiraghi

An innovation of embedded alumina/acrylic rubber composite materials

N. Tangboriboon, P. Wongpinthong, A. Sirivat and R. Kunanuruksapong